How to Activate Self-Healing in 2 Seconds or Less

Here’s a Brief Explanation of How to Shift Any Situation, very easily and almost instantly, using Now Healing Energetic Alignments.***

To activate an energy shift, simply “Go to your Center.” (Start at the base of your spine, then keeping your attention there, also move your awareness quickly up, and out the top of your head. Don’t over-focus or think about what’s happening –  just do it, lightly, quickly and easily). It’s like a button on your computer – you just hit the button. Do this for 1 second or less, as you say (or read) a healing command. Going to your Center in this manner will “Enter”  or input the command into your entire field  (body/mind/spirit/energy-field/aura/morphic field)… which then shifts your energy instantly.

It’s much easier to do it than to explain it!

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What is an Energy Shift or Energetic Alignment? An Energetic Alignment creates instant connection between reality and Wholeness. It actually shifts the field of the situation you want to improve… which creates an actual shift in reality. (If you found this page from Twitter, a “Healing Tweet” is basically an Energetic Alignment, in Twitter format.)

How do you Activate an Energetic Alignment? It’s like entering a command on a computer by pressing the Enter button. In Now Healing, you “Enter” specific commands to your Center.

To do an Enter to your Center, notice the base of your spine and continue moving your awareness quickly up the center of your body, and out the top of your head, and expanding out in all directions.

Say or read the Energetic Alignment, Healing Tweet, or command – and simultaneously feel (or become aware of) your Center – for a second. That’s all! You can “input” commands simply by focusing them with a brief, easy awareness, into your Center.

What is the Center? The Center is the information input – like the enter button for your whole field, your body-mind-spirit-etc. It is both physical and non-physical. It includes your spinal nerves, brain, meridians, chakras and auric field. It extends all the way up and out, towards infinity. The Center is not just inside you – it includes the center of the earth, the universe!

The Center is non-local. Your personal Center connects to the Center of all things, and all information in the universal mind.

What is a command? A command is a specific Energetic Alignment. Energetic Alignments can contain many commands. The basic Now Healing commands are Align, Disentangle and Re-Integrate. (There are more, but let’s keep it simple!) You can use them for any situation. When in doubt about which one to use, just say “Align with Wholeness.”

When: Now! It takes less than 2 seconds. When you Enter the command, your energy always shifts, whether or not you feel a tangible shift. But don’t be surprised if you do experience some kind of change in how you feel. It may be as subtle as a sigh or a deep breath. Or, it can be a more profound shift. It may take your conscious awareness a while longer to catch up to the energy shift that has already happened – until you get used to perceiving at closer to the speed of light!

Does it really work? This Now Healing Enter technique can create major improvements. Many people report good results within moments or minutes. This is not a belief system or a spiritual system – it’s simply a technique to shift energy, independent of belief or disbelief. It works on the information field of any issue – whether it’s physical or non-physical.

*** It’s all taught in much greater detail in the Now Healing 101 course.

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  1. peleg Shraiber says

    i don’t understand how do i look at the base of the spine and AT THE SAME TIME move energy out of my head
    And should i visualize where the energy is going or is it enough (when i can actually do it) to visualize it exiting my body

  2. gobind seth says

    Amazing feeling. Totally relaxed. So wonderful process.

  3. worked exceedingly well; for an imge of what this felt sense looks like I used “The Divine Self” via St Germain, awesome, many thanks.

  4. A minute after entering all the suggested commands to my Center, I truly have shifted to feeling happy and optimistic. This is better for my Soul than Instant Chicken Noodle Soup! I can only urge you to try it yourself, for anything, while I again give big kudos to Elma!

  5. Jean-Pierre says

    ca fait bien!



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