How to Balance your Energy – in 10 Seconds

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So many wonderful ways to “Balance your Energy” are widely available these days: Reiki, Pranic Healing, meditation, sound healing, yoga, tai qi, breath-work, essential oils, stones & crystals, affirmations, etc etc…

And while I personally love many of these “old-school” energy-healing techniques…

They all take… Too. Much. Time!

Because I like to go fast. I prefer my “energetic connection” to be instant, like my WiFi and Internet.

So, despite the deliciousness of deeply digging the lush, langorous luxury of running energy through your hands, heart, and body…

There’s a much faster way: instant, light-speed connection… to Wholeness. 

And it really works.

Try it now: The Ten-Second Tool

How to Balance your Energy… Biofield, Channels, Chakras, Aura… and the field of every system, structure, organ, tissue, and cell in your body… instantly.

  1. As you inhale fully, say this command silently:


  2. As you exhale, say this command silently: 

    … NOW!

    and feel that “NOW!” command coming from your heart and gut Center… as it ripples out into Infinite Wholeness, at the speed of light… NOW!

Notice that it’s working already!

All your energies are balancing and Re-integrating… Now! 

Now, let’s do it even faster!

Try it again: The TWO-Second Tool

This time, you’ll go really fast, and you’ll still balance your energy effectively and efficiently. No need to breathe! (Actually, please do keep breathing! But no need to focus on it. And… no need to “deeply” feel this Two-Second process – just do it quickly. Toss it off. Lightly and effortlessly! Hold your questions for later. Just do it… Now!)

1. Feel your “Heart & Gut Center”, as you say this command really fast!


Yeah, baby, you did it!

(Not so sure? Well, there’s no need to be sure! It’s happening, whether you experience it or not, because this infinite energy is beyond your local self’s ability to feel with your sensations, or even know with your local mind.)

Do it again, a couple more times, just to get the hang of it.

Come from your Center, and quickly, powerfully, say this command:


But… Wha? How?? Why???

How the heck did that work? How can it be so simple?

Because… the energy knows what to do! The energy WANTS to Align, and just a little bit of awareness will get it started. 

So.. If you felt a shift from that simple “Align” tool, I’ve got 9 more amazing tools for you. 

They all work just as easily and instantly. (OK, maybe a couple of them are slightly more complicated – two of the tools might take me 90 seconds to explain, rather than 20 seconds, and yes, I know that’s a terribly long time, so sorry about that!!!)

Want NINE more tools? Join me LIVE!

Top Ten Tools to Balance Your Energy - Enroll Now - with Elma Mayer / Now Healing

If you experienced a shift, just from a few seconds of using just one of my healing tools (The Now Healing “Align” Command)

… Then imagine what you could get in a whole hour!

On Saturday, I will give you NINE other incredibly powerful healing tools. You’ll be able to use them to heal yourself. Anytime.

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Please Comment Below!

What did you experience, after you Balanced your Energy with this free healing tool?


  1. A powerful shower of energy ✨🌈

  2. I did it just after waking up and felt more alive, less than my usual grogginess. Thanks

  3. Monika Huppertz says

    I felt peaceful during the 10 second energizer. I felt invigorated during the 2 second energizer.
    Looking forward to Saturday’s event. Happy New Year, Elma.

  4. Clare Dyck says

    A major issue of ‘Guilt’ tied into the Morphic Field of Judas Iscariot – Betrayer, caused a great.drop in my body’s frequencies, together with noticeable loss of power in my Heart and Upper Heart centres. The change was instant following the command ‘Align with Wholeness. Now’.
    Thankyou Elma from my Wholeness aligned Heart!

  5. Thank you Elma. I needed it very much a moment ago ! : )



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