How to Increase your Income, Sex & Spirituality? Heal your Digestion & Elimination!

Q: What single body system do you need to heal, to boost not just your sex life, but your money, manifestation, mood, success, productivity, pleasure, and yes, your spirituality? Not to mention that it’s absolutely essential for your best health?

A: You need to Heal digestion and elimination! If you’re not eating, excreting, and metabolizing properly, then every other part of your life will suffer – including your ability to manifest, meditate, and procreate.

  • If your food festers in your tummy,
    … you ain’t gonna feel too sexy or spiritual, right?
  • If you can’t poop or pee out your waste products, you’re gonna be
    … too grumpy to be happy, healthy or holy.
  • If your nutrients are not well-absorbed or delivered, you’ll feel
    … sluggish, sedentary, and stuck.
  • If your blood sugar is high, and your good gut flora are low…
    Then your brain will be
    … foggy, faint, forgetful, fearful… and maybe even
    … financially funky.

You get the picture. It’s all entangled!

Your digestion is foundational to all systems and functions. It’s not just vitamins and nutrients. Or toxins and wastes. Or your gut-brain-mind-heart connection. It’s not just your energy and vitality.

It’s everything in your WHOLE life.

And that’s what Now Healing is all about… Healing the big picture of your life. The whole, not just the parts – and not just “body-mind-spirit” – because there’s much more to the universe than just those three things. (For instance, space, time and morphic resonance – plus everything that we cannot know, but can still Align, using Now Healing!)

How can you Heal Digestion & Elimination?

How can you actually Align these vital systems, so they support your life? (Body, mind, spirit, sex, success, love, money, energy, time, space, etc?)

I’d love to show you! It can be incredibly easy and fast, using my revolutionary “instant morphic healing” Alignments.

Join me for an all-encompassing, hugely effective…

LIVE Healing Call – this Saturday
Heal Digestion & Elimination

(Missed it? Learn how you can access the replay – which is always energetically effective and active.)

Is this the missing link for your health, wealth, and happiness? (I know it sure affects mine – that’s why I created this… So you can benefit from what’s working well for me and my clients!)

Let’s upgrade your digestion, and your whole life in the process.
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