How to Raise your Vibration: Don’t!

Three Things…

  1. Why “Raise your Vibration” is an outdated concept and a bad metaphor.
  2. What to do instead… with a much better metaphor that actually creates healing. And…
  3. Get a free healing… for whatever you need most! (Watch the video below.)

Watch Here & Get your Free Healing…

and my rant about “Raise your Vibration”

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Yep, I know the video is long – but hey, it’s a free healing… combined with an important lesson on the creative manifestation power of metaphors – even bad ones, like “Raise your Vibration”!

Transcript (partial)

NOTE: There’s NO transcript of the free healing! You’ll have to watch the video if you want the healing!

My little rant about how to “Raise your vibration”:

This is something we’ve all heard that we need to do: have better thoughts and emotions etc… and you may have felt pressure to get out of a “low vibration” and into a higher one. Well, here’s why that is a misdirection.

(And just as a caveat, I use the word “vibration” sometimes, with air quotes –because it’s common vernacular, but I just have a pet peeve around the terms “vibration” and especially “frequency” as metaphors for self-healing or self- improvement.

If you Google “how to raise your vibration”, you’ll see a bunch of bullcrap like this real quote that shows up at the top of Google: We all vibrate energetically at a particular frequency.” Uh, NO! We don’t.

We don’t just have one single frequency. Frequency means the rate at which something happens or repeats over time. You don’t just have one frequency, you have many and…

You don’t always want to raise your frequency! That’s not just using the word wrong, it’s also a false assumption. 

I’m not just quibbling about words. Words are powerful creators – and metaphors are powerful creation devices .

You don’t always want to Raise your Vibration!

Sometimes, you actually want to “lower your vibration”. If you’re meditating, but your mind keeps chattering, you want to slow down or lower the frequency of your thoughts. Yes, literally, the frequency of how many  thoughts you have per minute – you want to lower your vibration sometimes.

So be careful what you metaphor! 

I much prefer a better metaphor: Resonance. And it may not even be a metaphor, it may really truly be that the theory of Morphic Resonance is a good way to describe what many people loosely call “vibration” and “frequency.”

So what I’m getting at is that we can resonate with stuff we don’t want unbenknownst to ourselves – but the amazing thing is that we can shift our resonance very quickly. Using the “Morphic Metaphor” of tuning yourself, tuning your resonances.

And I’ll give you a demonstation of that [in the video] — so this free healing is a little preview of what is coming up in my Guided Healing Calls…

… that happen on the first Saturday of every month. And if you’re a member, then for the rest of the year we’re going to “Raise your Resonance” with a different area of your life every month.

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  1. Patricia Gillick says

    Hi from Ireland

  2. Phyllis E Calkins says

    The first time I knew of you was a video that an energy healer I had used, sent out to his clients. It was literally a life saver for me!!

    Your videos and alignments have been invaluable to me ever since. This one is another great one that helped me to center, feeling lighter and brighter. I get this amazing sensation in the middle of my forehead. I know it is working/shifting and the calmness is wonderful!.

    Thank you so much for your attention and gifts to the evolution of the earth and all of us.

  3. Diane Babcock says

    I agree the term ‘Raise Your Vibration’ sounds like putting the proverbial cart first where ‘Centre, Disentangle, Align…Now’ is the horse. The shifts actually put me into a higher vibration as an effect the same way others would have me do other things, like thinking of puppies or some such and without direction. The shifts in my 3 things gave me about 2 levels of change and I was happy to know I could do it on behalf of someone else, too. I like where you can take the final figure and then align that with zero for an added shift boost.

  4. Health 5
    Love 2
    Emotions procrastination 3
    Living condition 5

  5. Cynthia Browne says

    Absolutely loved this healing. I felt lighter and clearer afterwards; and as though these issues which have been weighing me down really don’t matter so much after all.

  6. Beloved Elma,
    You are so precious! Always! Feel wonderful after participating or falling asleep and wake up before completion of the healing. Was so tired when started to listen and now feel myself radiating goodness with cells smiling. Ahhhh. Thank you so much. Bless you forever and beyond Elma. Thank you for saying yes to your guidance to offer this beautiful life resonance. I am so grateful and happy happy happy.
    with love,



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