I am Now Healing – a Total Energetic Tune Up

picture of I am Now Healing - Total Energetic Tune Up… for your Body-Mind-Spirit

An Energetic Tune Up for Your Whole Life – in 40 minutes. Because it’s all inter-related… Tune up the parts – and the integrated Whole!

Use this powerful Guided Healing session – anytime you want to feel better.

Try it now! Your energy will shift – even just from this short free sample:

Free 7-minute Sample

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picture of I am Now Healing

I am Now Healing…
A Total Energetic Tune-Up in 40 Minutes

Price: $47.00

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I Am Now Healing is…

… a complete energy healing session, in just 40 minutes. Use it anytime you want to feel better.

These Energetic Alignments instantly shift your whole energy field.  They work on your

  • physical body
  • emotions
  • thoughts
  • relationships
  • finances
  • goals,
  • life purpose… and more.

The Alignments activate your body-mind-spirit’s innate self-healing — effortlessly and instantly.

These Energetic Alignments are more than just “healing affirmations.” Affirmations work primarily through the conscious mind… which is just a very small fraction of reality. But Energetic Alignments instantly and directly affect all levels of existence — not just your conscious mind, but also the vast non-conscious realms… ancestral energies, morphic fields, energy bodies, meridians, organs, cells, DNA, all the way down to the quantum level and the zero point field.

Testimonials – Add Yours Below!

“I listened [on behalf of] my sister with cancer. She had completed the 3rd chemotherapy treatment. I noted that despite the side effect of the chemotherapy, she’s full of energy!”
JG, Singapore

“I Am Now Healing is an amazing product. This is a brilliant way of healing through your own participation.”
Bethany Milton, Quantum Shift Energetics

“I Am Now Healing” is POWERFUL. I can report that the symptoms from Lyme Disease are greatly diminished. This is allowing me to do my work and be with my family every day which I was unable to do. I have always believed that I could find a way of clearing the Lyme from my body. I am now even more assured that this is definitely going to happen with your help. I will absolutely recommend these sessions without any hesitations.
Anna. D, San Luis Obispo, CA

“I am Now Healing” is a masterpiece of self-care and a blessing to the planet. It is easy, beautiful and profound. Every time I listen to it I uncover new treasures. Whenever I want to align my energies or raise my spirit, I know that this unique, simple CD has got everything I need.”
Nedi Safa, Now Healing Practitioner, CA

“I listen often, either as I wake up in the morning or when I go to sleep at night. Every single time I am restored. I feel stronger and my spirit is lifted. If I am stressing over something and have that negative loop going round that I just can’t seem to let go, I go straight to “I am now healing my thoughts and my emotions”  – and the negative chatter is gone. It is truly a blessing”
Jeana Smith

“When I’m in a pinch, I use the global statements “I am now healing”, and “I delete all obstacles to healing.” I usually hear it in your calm and soothing voice, and instantly feel relief. I go through periods when I listen every morning. I notice improvement each time.
Karen Alonge, parenting consultant, www.advice-for-parents.com

picture of I am Now Healing

I am Now Healing…
A Total Energetic Tune-Up in 40 Minutes

Price: $47.00

Buy the mp3 Download here:


satisfaction-guaranteedIf you are not pleased with this product for any reason, you are entitled to our 30-day money-back guarantee. For Return Instructions, email us at customerservice@nowhealing.com so that your account can be credited promptly. Remember that the “best results” happen when you are non-attached and neutral to getting results! But if you are not satisfied with this product in any way, we will happily give you a refund. Downloads/Digital-only products qualify for a full refund. Physical products qualify for a refund minus a 20% shipping/restocking fee.  Please understand that we must limit refunds for purchases to one per customer.  The free information on the website will always be available for you to try out basic Alignments before you purchase a product.
[Note: Planning to request a refund in order to avoid paying will generate bad karma and nullify any healing, so what’s the point?]


  1. Elma we love your vibration phrases that exactly fit to all human issues. Now Healing is complete with Divine Love and and Divine Light. “When I Heal , The Universe is Healing itself,” expressing the Truth ” I AM THE UNIVERSE.” I love your videos full of Universal Truths. Keep your highest professional Integrity. We Love You.

  2. Marrienne de Blois says

    Another wonderful package full of wisdom and elegant techniques… would not be without this one as I find so much healing taking place. I am using this package as I have had Macula Hole surgery over a year ago, for one eye and the Macula in my other eye is also affected in a similar way…. I am using the incredible and formidable arsenal of techniques in all the programs I now have from you Elma, and just know that the distortions and blurriness in my eyes are receding… great for a soft sculpture artist !!! I am confident that my eyes will heal even though it has been doubtful as to how much was going to be possible prior to starting my journey with you again.. Thanks and twinkles from New Zealand !!

  3. Elma You are amazing in the way you cover so much that is helpful . I feel the power of this releasing. Thank you.

  4. Salmaan Khan says

    Great energy tune up audio!, feel lighter and more free each time, less fearful, brings in more joy and a feeling of being grounded

  5. I just bought the CD. But even after listening to the 7 minute freebie, I felt energy and warmth swirling thru my body!!

  6. I sometimes don’t have time to listen to entire recording everyday, but try to listen to portions of it. When I get the challenging physical symptom(s), I go sit on my bed and go through the CD, and I’m able to completely normalize and bring harmony. I also noticed that since I started to listen, I’m more emotionally grounded, and less afraid of what negative or fearful things might happen to me. Each time I listen and do the healing, different parts of the CD resonate and it gives me a sense of connected-ness with Wholeness in surprising ways. When I was having hard time “disconnecting” or “disentangling” from blockages or negative emotions, I thought of my inner child, and I sent the energy to her. This immediately released tension from my upper stomach area. I will be soon ready to purchase NH 101, and am very excited to learn more. Thank you, Elma, so much for this incredible energy healing way.

  7. I love this! I felt so much better 2 days of listening to this. I was feeling tired but unable to sleep and I felt heavy and with body aches. I would listen while doing yoga and even when driving. The result is I feel lighter, sleep more deeply and I feel more upbeat.

  8. I am now healing is a fabulous product, I loved it. I not only used on myself but on other members of my family as well. It changed my whole life, my business improved, I got more and better client, relationships between each member of my family improved. In few words, it attracted abundance in my life and I am becoming whole now
    Thank you Elma for sharing such a wonderful gift with all of us

    Lov and Peace

  9. Thank you so much! I bought it ! I had to! I was suffering from my right shoulder while doing the alignment with you, and I feel realy better! so I give it a total try! Blessings for this Elma!

  10. kesavan namboothiri krishnan says

    Thank You Elma Mayor. It is felt as a deep Energy Level Healing, good experience of cellular rewriting for better health by body mind and Soul.

  11. Curiousmouse says

    I feel some releas in my left sinus and I feel energized. Thank you!

  12. sharleen says

    this is leading me into the neutrality I need to get over some of the social anxiety that I have felt. It also has helped me relax in my shoulders. I shall continue to work with this both for myself and for others. Thank you very much for this gift in finding my way back to being able to focus better!
    S. (in SW Norway)

  13. monique simoneau says

    The healing in this short exercise is absolutely unbelievable – so relaxing, so freeing! Thank you.

  14. Catharina Mansson says

    Dear Elma,

    I am wordsless ! This sample is SO strong, so life changeing so calming. Again, it is undescribable !! THANK YOU Love Catharina

  15. Thank you Once again for what you do. That was wonderful. I was able to let go of some grief in that short span of listening and participating in the healing.It caught me off gaurd, but i know I was ready to.. That was very powerful. Blessings Michele

  16. Dear Elma,

    Feeling very energetic and am so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and reaching out to so many needy people on the internet.

    Thnaks again and llove,


  17. Chandrakant Pathare says

    Dear Elma,

    Its really amazing …………. it works, it worked for me !
    Would continue with it !!

  18. marcia rickert says



  19. very relaxing and connecting hugs 2 U, I love U sister….Geri

  20. Thankyou Elma. peacefully floating in this neutral zone. Amazing how quickly the universe responds to desires of the heart. Your angel aspect is shining brite! Marcia



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