I Can’t Believe It!

Can you believe what’s going on in the world these days? Damaged oceans, constant earthquakes, horrendous floods, financial ruin, the preposterous Arizona immigration law, and the most unbelievable phenomenon of all: Sarah Palin?

I never could have predicted this magnitude of implausibility. It’s simply incredible. But belief is obviously not a indicator of truth. I truly can’t believe it all, yet it’s still happening.

Belief often doesn’t correspond with reality, contrary to the pop-new-age oversimplification that, “You can create anything if only you believe.” Believing something doesn’t make it true. “Earth is 6,000 years old,” because some folks are certain of it… really? And disbelief doesn’t make it false. “Human activity does not cause climate change,” if enough people insist it doesn’t… right?

This lack of correspondence between belief and reality doesn’t only apply to disasters and things going all to hell. Amazing improvements, fortuitous coincidences, sudden enlightenments and seemingly miraculous healings are also sharply on the rise, even thought they’re equally hard to believe. But that doesn’t mean they’re not happening, despite nay-saying skeptics. Don’t automatically believe the doubters – their ancestors were probably flat-earthers.

I see miracles every single day. From instant healings to life transformations, the constant flow of astonishing yet unexplained phenomena is getting yawningly commonplace. When I stop to think about it, I can hardly believe it. But it’s happening, nonetheless.

Everything’s intensifying. We’re constantly adjusting to ever-increasing negativity. So let’s stretch our minds equally in the other direction. Let’s allow that astonishing things are happening in the realm of the miraculous.

Amazing, incredible, awesome (in the original sense) transformation is everywhere you look… in our technological, mental, psychic and spiritual evolution. And you don’t even have to believe. Regardless of your belief or disbelief, miracles happen anyway.

A version of this article was originally published in the Los Feliz Ledger.


  1. Jill Horist says

    I believe healing on all levels is needed. I treasure all ways to receive and spread the word. But Elma, please please leave political figures out of this conversation. Natural disasters, policy movements, ok, but persona is just not in the spirit of accepting the best of all people. Whether you agree with Sarah Palin or Nancy Pelosi or not, can this healing space be free from denigrating people that are trying to do their best in offering alternatives to leadership? Let’s keep the conversation to the miracles we are all experiencing against the massive negativity that is trying to wrap us up. Thank you for the opportunity to be here and offering your self to so many people in such a healthy way.

  2. OMG Elma, (a salutation) “A Course of Miracles” often comes to mind when reading your “stuff”; especially the statement “there is no order of difficulty” (in creating them). A “truth” when neutrality, non-attachment, allowing & staying strong on all possible levels, light-speed connecting to Infinite Self (OMG), plus a lot more are all offered freely on your site! Urging all OMG’s to leave no word unturned and no processes undone. I am learning how to click the switch & shift! Paraphrasing ACIM “if you are not having miracles everyday, then something is (weak)” OMG Carolyn

  3. fritz miller says

    Good for you ELMA yes a miracle a day keeps the doctor away.

    With now healing we can now experience miracles everyday.

    Thank you for this site that helps us so much



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