Instant Awareness Alignment

Watch Now: Free Instant Healing for Higher Awareness

Get an instant healing, to activate and Align with your higher awareness.

What shifted for you? Please comment below!

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  1. Thank you Elma. The alignments are incredible. I am getting instant results. However, interestingly, the pain showed itself in different area of my body.
    I love your processes, and am able to help other people with simple processes I am learning from the short audios.
    Love and gratitude to you for your amazing work, your generosity, and your love you are sharing with us.

  2. Thank you! Feels great!

  3. Emilienne Gray says

    Thank you Elma! I truly appreciate every free healing you share with us. Would love to have more info on how to do more self healing in every area of my life. Especially in the area of finance. Thank you very much for your guidance and generosity!

  4. before you actually “did” the alignment my head started tingling and downloading! thank you. looks like you’ve got a good connection going! <3



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