Instant Blessing from the Universe

Get a Fast Free Healing – an Instant Blessing

What kind of “instant blessing” do you most need, right now? (Whatever you think it is… the “universe” will give you a blessing far beyond that… Beyond your local mind’s ability to put into words. Beyond your local senses’ ability to feel.

It will only take 3 minutes, so watch now! (The universe wants you to Allow this blessing into your body, mind, and life… now! Are you really going to say no? I didn’t think so!)

Please comment below!
What shifted for you?
And was it what you initially thought it would be?


  1. Thanks Elma,
    I am new here and really liking your free tools – I so feel a slight subtle shift – i imagine to let me know something is happening – I am ok with that – you are amazing to have a desire to help the world!!! Love and peace and appreciation!!!
    Thank You!!

  2. Catherine says

    Thanks for your help, I can feel the shift

  3. Tnx a lot Dear Elma, l had a great experience

  4. I felt a shift that changed and effected my spirit soul and body overnight.

  5. Yes, I felt a shift in my body but not what I asked for, yet. I know that too is coming. Thank you so much for sharing tools and wisdom with us.

  6. This is the most amazing meditation I have ever experienced. It works. NOW. You do shift. I do not understand but I had chronic pain. Fibromyalgia. Immune .I do not now. The shift happens. Bless you. I am shocked, amazed. It is Now.

  7. Wendy Wolosoff-Hayes says

    Something sure shifted, though I don’t know what it is….I feel sparkly and a bit taller! Thanks, Elma!

  8. Felt something shifting inside. Vibrations and bliss. Thank you.

  9. janina elzbieta kaproski janowicz says

    blessings Elma

    Thank you

  10. Wow! Don’t know what that was, but I feel great! Got a boost…feel taller, stretched up toward the sky…
    just lovely, joyous as well!
    Thanks Elma for keeping us going toward wholeness!

  11. It’s a pleasure to connect with you Elmer ❤️🙏🏻😘

  12. John Parson says

    Thanks Elma. You never cease to amaze me. Just when it seems I need a little boost I get one on your emails with some helpful inspiration.

  13. Jimmy Wynne says


  14. Peter Asschers says

    I suffer from chronic anxiety and fear and auto immune disease . One time I wrote in to your healing I felt something it only lasted a moment. I know I can be healed there has been 3 times in my life that for a moment that healing is possible.



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