Instant Ease: Transcend Dis-ease and Stop Struggle

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Is it possible to stop struggle and stress – instantly?
Can you live your life with Ease, rather than Dis-Ease and Difficulty?
Can your body release “lack of ease”… instantly?

Yes! Your energy field will shift as you watch this short video.

Watch Now – It’s Easy!

That was just a quick sample of what’s possible! Did you enjoy your Energy Shift from that short video? There’s more where that came from!

What: Ease Up Your Life – an hour-long Guided Healing.
You’ll Align with “Ease” on ALL levels of existence – whether you are aware that you need it, or not: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Financial, and Everything!!!

What is your most important “Ease” Issue? You can shift anything, including:

  • Body – breathing, moving, working, resting… easy!
  • Mind – active mind, quiet mind, receiving and transmitting information… easy!
  • Emotions – flow, allowing, enjoying… easy!
  • Life in General – doing, making, taking action, and just Be-ing… easy!
  • And best of all… a Guided Healing for Your Individual “Ease” Issue.

This is an entire hour of powerful healing.
Only available in the Annual Membership Guided Healing Teleseminar Audio Library

Plus, the “Ease Up Your Life” hour is part of a series, available only in the Annual Membership. It includes:

  • Power Up Your Personality, Body, Mind & Energy Field
  • Free Up Your Life, Body, Mind, Spirit, Space, Time, Money

… Plus over 60 hours of deep guided healing… for YOUR specific issues.
Get a Free Sample Here: Guided Healing Teleseminars

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  1. Thank you !! Dealing with a major setback and the fear that went with that. After listening to your Instant ease video I shifted from 10 to 2 and was able to look at the situation without all the emotions involved. Wonderfull and so easy.

  2. I came from nr 6 to nr 3. I felt energy of fear leaving my body. Thank you. Glad there is more…

  3. lochana suresh says

    Dear ELMA. That was really wonderful. i was having a severe knee pain . gas problem, . just saw your mail. My. !!! this was really GOD sent.
    thank you so much. pain reduced considerably. Gas vanished.
    Thank you so much for being there for me.

  4. Thank you for your generosity Elma. I was worried about a situation I am dealing with and went from an 8 to a 2 then to a 1 and feel hopeful.

  5. So easy and I easily forget! Thank you Elma, You are a marvel.

  6. I was able to reduce pain that I am having by 2 notches, thank God! Thank you Elma!

  7. Falguni Shah says

    already easy, enjoying raw food, teaching, finance, cleaning, , teachin children

  8. Thank You Elma, you give so much. Absolutely released a lot of tension for me. An ache I had (literally a pain in the butt disappeared) Thank You!

  9. For me, this was one of the most beneficial, most pin-pointed, most transcendental teleseminars! I knew before we were half-way through that this was big. B-I-G. I shall be listening again soon. I especially liked the work for being at ease at every point in the day, especially the transitions from nighttime to bedtime, from sleep time to just before we open our eyes, etc. Thanks as always, Elma!

  10. Much Thanks. That was brilliant – everything calmed down inside and that’s a very strange a good way!

  11. Facing extremly difficult life circumstances at the moment, but i am able to go through it really well. Even my financial situation eased up, and now i am able to purchase the Now Healing Guide.

    Thank you

  12. Great Elma,
    Went from a 10 to a 2.
    And what I notice most is my breathing, nice and deep.
    Just wonderful! Thank-U!

  13. Joan Lulich says

    I had no real direction or intention with this one, so I made one up, sort of, went through the whole hour, thinking I wasn’t resonating with this session. At the very end, you said, “responsibility” and flood gates opened. I have been in the responsibility mode, needing to make decisions for my son, that I wasn’t aware of how it was disconnecting me. Thank you Elma!

  14. Donna Dathe says

    I was having a real challenge with detox symptoms; itchy, swollen face, etc. After your [Inner Circle Guided Healing] session yesterday I went from a 10 to a 2. Amazing, I’m going to use the replay today again. Thank you soooo much.

  15. Already easy…..being friendly.

  16. amazing for me ,Ms left brain..several upper body big twitches, sense of inner calm,went from 8 to 3 to zero…and an insight re surrendering…it was easier for me to walk with ease aftwrwards on the walk with my dog,no stiffness and aches on the walk..I love this Elma,thankyou so much..

  17. I definitely felt that a weight was lifted off of me. I went from a 6 down to a 2. Thank you!!

  18. Hi Elma!
    Thanks for the video.
    I went from a 10 to a 2 then 0.

  19. Marjorie Perzow says

    Went from a 9 to a 5,had an involuntary upper body twitch that I usually get when releasing..thanks

  20. I want the next Pope to be our pal Elma! When she tells us (me!) in this recording to “get over struggle” it’s like she’s reading the dominant impulses in my head. I worked (hard!) for YEARS to un-do the lack of ease. Elma just did more for me in a few minutes…than I struggled to do myself for a very long time. This is one of the many reasons I use her work in ALL my sessions with clients and myself. If you haven’t yet got your copy of Now Healing 101 or the new detox product, I can’t recommend it more highly! Easy-squeezy.
    With much love & undying respect,
    Rudy Hunter

  21. s good /thanks

  22. I instantly knew I needed to click on this link and listen to this in order to work through and release a very rare, but particularly challenging cascade of uncontrollable ‘issues’ I had experienced earlier today. I am very glad I followed my instinct to listen to this alignment tool. I shifted from a 7 to a 2 and then 5 minutes after listening (thinking nothing was really going on) I noticed that I felt very warm all over then felt inexplicably filled with laughter/joy. Thanks for the shift!

  23. I went from a 7 down to a 2 then down to a zero . Thank u i feel more relaxes and at ease !!

  24. This is great!. I just had a really challenging day, and with this shift I dropped from a 9 to a 4. Thank You!

  25. Felt the tightness in my stomach that’s so often there, disappear. Cool.

  26. Thanks for sharing this on such a generous level. Connecting to that center via your tool of alignment was very light filled. Had my palms up and really focused. Felt tingling in my hands and head – visualized the guides coming in and re-aligning me. Said the affirmation “I am willing to accept this alignment and experience the benefits of living my life with ease.”


  27. Lots of yawning instantly, I don’t know how but I cant argue with the effects, its good stuff.

  28. toes wiggling….y a w ning……deeep relaxation. thank you for your generosity

  29. Kay Randall says

    What a wonderful and easy shift from dis-ease to ease. So simple yet so very effective. Thank you!!!!



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