Instant Healing for Vitality, Life Force & Earth’s Healing Energy

Get an instant healing for vitality, as you watch!

You’ll feel the flow of  healing energy from earth, rainbows & waterfalls… and lovely life force flowing into your cells! (No unicorns showed up, sorry.)

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How’s your vitality, after watching?

And… what healing will you be giving back to the earth?

More Healing Videos from Yosemite

Apparently, I just love to go to Yosemite, to make instant healing videos for you! It’s a place where my connection to earth, and inspiration from spirit, is strong and open and flowing.

Want more? The video from last year is here:

And more healing vids are coming soon! Because I have a lot of footage from the last 3 years in Yosemite, that I haven’t edited yet. Not to mention footage from the Swiss Alps, La Jolla and Esalen, CA, and more. So… stay tuned!


  1. Wow…amazing…sharing…In deep appreciation!!!

  2. Elizabeth Paul says

    Thanks Elma, I needed that Xxx

  3. Nedi Safa says

    I feel it!

  4. How lovely…….I could almost feel the spray of the waterfall and the rainbow brought nourishment to the eyes… very very revitalizing. Thank you, Elma!

  5. TU Elma..UR a healing in who UR Hugs

  6. thank you Elma, really enJOYed than transmission.



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