Instant Meditation

Meditation is deeply transformational and profoundly effective. But who has the time these days? We want things quick, easy, now. And we feel guilty wanting to cheat and take shortcuts, because ­ everyone knows it takes a ton of time  – at least 20 minutes a day, or hours, or years, or lifetimes – to achieve wholeness.

Ok – so nothing can truly replace meditation. But meditation is not the only way to receive insights, or be whole. There are now simple techniques that anyone can use, to connect body-mind-spirit. (You’ll try one, below.)

In effect, it’s like instant meditation, although you won’t get the same experience as you do when meditating. You won’t necessarily get the same exact result either. But you will get something similar, equally useful and essential – connection to wholeness and infinite self.

There are many paths to wholeness, just as there are many paths to good nutrition. Meditating is like growing an organic seasonal garden, reaping a harvest of wholesome live foods. Instant alignment is like getting a vitamin shot that’s perfectly tailored to your unique nutritional needs, with complete absorbtion into all your tissues and cells. The slow organic way and the instant fix both have value.

Try It Now

Tune in to your Center:

First, for two seconds, focus on your physical center located in the spine/brain.

Now, for two seconds, get in touch with your mental/emotional center – a place of peace. (Don’t feel into it, or try to experience it – just find it and connect to it, at the speed of light. That’s sufficient!)

Find your spiritual center – your soul  – and connect with it, for two seconds.

And finally, sense your energetic center with its meridians, chakras and auric field.

Now bring them all together: sense your vertical Center, and say the command: “Center.” Stay in your Center, while bringing your focus up, up, up… above your head. Now move your focus up and outward, towards infinity, for a few seconds – at light-speed.

You’ve just made instant, multi-dimensional connection to wholeness. Compare that to how you feel after meditation. Different – yet instantly whole.

Let us know how that worked for you! Please leave a comment below.


  1. iohnson f f says

    i am excited with the now healing


  3. I always admire your sincerity in all tor work and am grateful to have your reminders of our connectedness!

  4. Paul Michael says

    Not easy to ‘find’ the centers apart from the spine & physical center, but I followed the instructions as suggestions & it felt nice, peaceful & refreshing.
    Thanks very much Elma

  5. Rebecca Koury says

    what a difference! Thank you!!

  6. Brigitte Frech says

    Unbelieveable, but it works.



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