Is it More Effective to Heal Yourself?

FAQ – a real question from a client:

Q: Does Now Healing work better as self-help,
or when a practitioner does it for me?

A: The ability to Do-It-Yourself is a huge bonus, because you can shift the energy of anything – as needed, without waiting for outside help.

Let’s get over the assumption “your problem” requires expert help. That’s so last-millenium! Most of the time, you can shift it yourself. Be your own doctor, therapist and guru!

Then, every once in a while, when doing-it-yourself is not getting the results you want, or if you hit a plateau, or in a medical emergency, you can call in expert help. But you can still do “first-aid” on yourself while you wait for help to arrive.

On a mundane 3 dimensional reality level, “healing yourself” is about as effective than “having a practitioner heal you.” It’s just quicker, cheaper and more satisfying!

But… on a cosmic multi-dimensional level, all healing is self-healing. No one can really “do it to you” if you’re not congruent with healing! Outside experts and healing practitioners can help change the morphic field of your situation, but it’s your body-mind-spirit that aligns with that change, and does that actual healing.

So… since all healing is self-healing, why not learn how to do it yourself? We offer a highly effective home study course: Now Healing 101.



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