Is Self-Healing Enough?

Q: Can I take care of all my own healing needs? Is Self-Healing Enough?

A: Yes, most of the time. “Do-It-Yourself” healing is an innate human ability. I’m a strong advocate for taking joyous responsibility for your own healing and Wholeness. “Do-It-Yourself” healing can be immensely effective, empowering… and save you tons of money!

In healing, as in life in general, you can take care of a huge percentage of your own needs. You would rarely want to hire someone to do your daily tasks for you, like brushing your teeth, flushing the toilet or checking your email.

But… occasionally in your everyday life, you might need to call in the experts: a dental hygienist, a sewer specialist, or an Apple store genius.

Same goes for self-healing. You can tackle most of it yourself – the grouchy mood, the restaurant meal that almost made you sick, that old injury that acts up sometimes. And what’s more, you can easily handle the big stuff too – in ways that are not possible in everyday life on the mechanistic, physical plane! In the realms of energy and information, you can perform heroic feats and miracles, routinely! To continue with the above analogy, you can Align your teeth and observe as they auto-correct themselves into a better form; you can clean out your energetic sewer; and you can connect with the universal mind, without email or internet!

Actually, you could do it all yourself. But why work that hard?

Every once in a while, you might just want someone else to do it for you! So if you ever need that healing zap, to scratch that itch that you cannot reach yourself…

Private Sessions are Available at Now Healing!

Sessions with Nedi

Nedi Safa – that’s who I call, whenever I need a healing zap. She’s powerful, clean, clear, and super-effective in her healing Alignments. Nedi has done wonders for me, innumerable times. She miraculously eased family tensions, and my stress, depression and anger, during my dad’s illness and passing last year. She re-set my clarity and focus when I felt blocked. Not to mention all the various aches and pains that she cleared for me. Nedi can do healing for any issue under the sun. She’s a specialist at family and parenting issues, as well as brain / mind / learning / ADD / autism support.

Click here for details: Private Sessions with Nedi

Experience a free sample of Nedi’s beautiful energy here:
Free Sample of I am Now Healing ADD, Autism, Learning (This audio free sample is great even if you do not have ADD – it will give you a wonderful all around tune-up.)

Sessions with Sharon

Sharon is one of my favorite healers! In addition to Now Healing, she does tons of different modalities, including the Russian Organ Regeneration work. She’s particularly good at getting your head on straight – literally – by energetically fixing your atlas/c1 vertebra. This has far-reaching effects on your whole body and mind. She’s a whiz with any kind of healing. I had great results from Sharon, for a rough financial patch that I was going through a few years ago.

Click here for details: Private Sessions with Sharon

Sessions with Elma

Available only through the Private Coaching Program, for Now Healing 101 course graduates only. So if you want a session with me, you gotta take the course first. Yep, it’s tough love!

Click here for details: Private Sessions with Elma (for NH101 Participants Only)
Please note – there is currently a waiting list for my private coaching sessions. Email us if you’d like to be put on the waiting list.

If you don’t want to take the NH101 course, but you still want private sessions, schedule one with Nedi or Sharon!

Can’t decide whether to go with Elma, Nedi or Sharon? 
Ask your Infinite Self: “Who can help me the most, for my current issues?” Then tune in to each of our energy fields for a few seconds. Whose field is more inviting and open? That’s your answer! And if you don’t sense a big Yes for any of us three, then honor that answer – the time may not be right for a session with us, or maybe there’s a different practitioner out there with whom you will have a stronger resonance.

(Healing hint: this Tuning In technique is a great way to make any kind of decision!)




  1. Taylor Love says

    Duuuude! I would totally love to know how to Align my teeth and crazy overbite! Tell me about!



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