Lyme Disease – a Brief Introduction

Lyme is mostly a tick-borne disease, but fewer than 50% of Lyme patients recall getting a tick bite. Symptoms include fever, chills, swollen glands in the early stages, and can progress to facial palsy, joint pain, memory loss, mental symptoms, heart symptoms and dozens more seemingly-unrelated symptoms. In its late stages, it can mimic multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and lupus. It has even been implicated in autism.

You can get Lyme disease just about anywhere in the world. Many people (and their doctors) still cling to the outdated belief that it’s geographically limited, for instance, to the east coast of the U.S. But Lyme is rampant in many places.

It’s a controversial topic. Some doctors believe it’s uncommon, and can be cured with two weeks of antibiotics. Other doctors know that the main Lyme bacteria, like the syphilis bacteria, often goes dormant, hiding in a form that antibiotics can’t reach – so much longer treatment may be necessary. To complicate things further, “Lyme Disease” is not just a simple one-bacteria disease. Often, it comes with several other co-infectious bacteria and parasites, so treating just the main bacteria often fails to cure Lyme Disease.

Lyme is very difficult to test. According to the California Lyme Disease Association (, the tests most doctors rely on miss nearly 44% of patients. The average patient sees five doctors over two years before being diagnosed – and 40% of patients end up with long term health problems.

It’s important to see a Lyme-literate MD (LLMD) to diagnose and treat Lyme, even if you’ve been tested in the past – especially if you have ongoing undiagnosed “mystery” symptoms.

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The other piece of the puzzle – one that even LLMDs often fail to take into account – is the energetic aspect of Lyme. Everything – from Lyme, to the common cold, to allergies, to fatigue – has both a matter and an energy component. Changing the energy field of a disease is usually much easier than changing it on the physical level. For best results, do both!

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