Lyme Rage and Irritability

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Lyme Rage. The anger seems to come out of nowhere. A minor event triggers it – a checkout clerk makes a mistake, or a driver cuts you off in traffic. Within moments, a slow-motion explosion of anger engulfs your mind and body. You’re caught in an inescapable vortex of rage.

Some Lyme ragers even become violent, homicidal or suicidal. Others suffer a less-dramatic yet difficult affliction – constant irritability that strains relationships and sucks any enjoyment out of life.

For diagnosed Lymies, at least it’s comforting to know that Lyme rage and irritability isn’t your fault – you can blame the disease, right? Un-diagnosed ragers have to contend with the thought that they’re going crazy, or with the guilt that they’re somehow causing the problem.

So what is the “cause”? The standard assumption is that Lyme rage is caused by neurological effects from Borrelia, or Babesia, or Bartonella. But if you’ve perused my previous posts here, you’ll perceive that I passionately poo-pooh the principle of cause-and-effect. Insisting on a single causative factor, like a bacteria – or a childhood emotional trauma – is really myopic. It ignores a huge number of other entangled, inter-related factors. I’m talkin’ ’bout energetic resonance and entanglement.

This is gonna sound wacky and woo-woo, so if it’s gonna trigger your Lyme rage, you might want to stop reading now!

Can you really blame the disease, as the primary cause of Lyme rage? I don’t have a yes-or-no answer. My take on this is completely non-scientific, so you might as well give up on expecting that right now! What follows is purely anecdotal and intuitive, with no double-blind study to back it up.

Many of my Lyme clients, and my Lymie family members – and me, myself and I – had a pre-disposition to anger and irritability… even before getting Lyme disease. I’m going to invoke the chicken-or-egg paradigm here. Did my prior entanglement with the morphic field of anger, blame and resentment pre-dispose me to Lyme rage? Did I “attract” it? (Or more precisely, according to Abraham, was I a “vibrational match” to it?) Was I already in the morphic field?

I’d love to hear your experience. If you suffer from Lyme rage or irritability, do you recall whether or not you had a tendency toward anger and irritability, prior to getting the disease? You’ll get a chance to answer that, below.

Fortunately, we don’t need to answer the chicken-or-egg riddle. For our purposes, it doesn’t matter! Regardless of what came first, it’s easy to create improvement, on the energetic level. (It’s much, much harder to do on the mental, emotional or physical levels – for instance, on the levels of positive thinking, psychotherapy, pills or potions.)

So without over-thinking, let’s do it now – let’s make some change!