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What’s the Difference between a Membership and a Subscription?

All of our paid programs are “Memberships” in that they require you to register with a username and password.

But NOT all of them are “Subscription Membership” programs with recurring billing.

Most of our paid programs are NOT Subscriptions, they are one-time payments. [For example, “Stop Negative Thoughts”, “Mood & Mind Elevator”, “Now Healing 101” and most other programs, are one-time payments. If any program is a subscription with recurring billing, it will be clearly noted on the checkout page.]

However, the Guided Healing Teleseminars program (GHT) is a “Subscription Membership”, with recurring billing that happens monthly or annually, depending on which option you choose.  See below for details.

Guided Healing Teleseminars (GHT) Subscription Membership Info

Payments: The Guided Healing Teleseminars (GHT) program is a Subscription Membership, with automatic recurring billing.
NOTE: Unlike most of our other programs, this program is a subscription. If you have joined the Guided Healing Teleseminars program, then your credit card will automatically be charged (depending on the option you chose) either monthly every 30 days from your enrollment date, or annually every 365 days, until you cancel your membership. (To cancel, see below.)

GHT Members get Exclusive Discounts / Coupons – Get your special members-only discounts! Click the “Coupon Codes” buttons above. Coupons must be used at the time of purchase. It is your responsibility to remember to use them! Please do not request a “coupon discount” after you purchase.

Attending the Teleseminars: To attend, click the “Current Teleseminar” button above, for your subscription type (monthly or annual).

Check your Email! You’ll also get a reminder email containing the link to the teleseminar page every month. If you don’t receive the email, please check your spam or junk mail folder. Gmail users, check your Promotions folder. Make sure to allow (whitelist) emails from info @nowhealing.com and elma @nowhealing.com – and add them to your address book, so that your internet provider does not consider them spam. Certain providers, including Yahoo, Hotmail, and sometimes even Gmail, often will mistake emails from mailing lists as spam.

You can join the call several ways – by phone, by webcast on your computer, or by Skype web call.

If you cannot attend live, you can listen to the Replay recording. The Replay will appear on the same page as the live call (click the “Current Teleseminar” button above) after it is over. You will get all appropriate energy shifts from the recording.

Make sure to scroll down and read “How to Get the Most from your Teleseminar” below!

Replay Recordings – Audio Library

  • Annual members have access to the entire Audio Library of teleseminar recordings. If you cancel, you will no longer have access to the library. Make sure to download what you want to keep, before you cancel.
  • Monthly members only have access to recordings that occur during your subscription membership. The recorded replays are found on the same page as the live calls. As a courtesy reminder, you’ll get a “Replay” email with a link to the recording.
    Important: if you wish to keep the recording, you must download the audio immediately – because you will not be able to find the audio recording by searching the website.
    How to Get your Replays (monthly members)… The audio Replay for the teleseminars that occur during your subscription membership will only be available while you are a subscriber/member. Make sure to download it ASAP.
    Please Note: Past recordings that occurred before you enrolled are not available as part of Monthly subscription membership. If you want past recordings, please enroll as an Annual subscription member.

Mark Your Calendar! Guided Healing Teleseminars happen on the First Saturday of each month, at 9am Pacific Time (noon Eastern).

To Cancel your Subscription Membership

To cancel your subscription membership and your recurring payment, you must send an email to customerservice@nowhealing.com. Please write “Cancel Membership” in the subject line of your email.

Allow about 5 business days for your cancellation to take effect – and perhaps more around U.S. holidays. We have to process all cancellations manually. Of course, we will do our best to process your cancellation ASAP (within a day of your request), but we ask for your consideration, because the office may be closed occasionally, and we don’t have full-time office staff! It is your responsibility to cancel in plenty of time before your next billing period.

There are No Refunds on the unused portion of your subscription membership.

FAQ – Frequently-Asked Questions about Guided Healing Teleseminars

What if I cannot attend the live teleseminar? If you can’t make the live call, no worries! You can listen to the recording and get all the energy shifts that apply to you. Many people choose to attend this way! You’ll also be able to submit your questions, and your “upgrade intentions,” prior to the call. I will address your comments on the call as time permits.

May I Share this with Others?
You may share the live teleseminars and the replays with anyone who is currently living with you in your home. Please do not share it with anyone else. However, please do share the many other free resources on this website!

What is Annual Subscription Membership – and How Do I Upgrade to Annual?

Annual Membership is available for Guided Healing Teleseminars.

Annual Subscriber Members Get:

  • One Month Free, each year. The regular monthly price for one year is $324.
    Annual Members pay only $297.

    • Free – Over $2000 in Value and increasing each month: The entire Audio Library of teleseminar replays. You will get over 75 hours of Guided Healing Teleseminar recordings, each on a different topic.

  • Free Bonus – $197 Value – The Seven Transformations (9 audios)

To Upgrade to the Annual Option

Step 1. Choose the Annual option on this page: Guided Healing Teleseminars – enrollment

Step 2. Important! Make sure to cancel your existing monthly membership!
Email us at customerservice@nowhealing.com and tell us:
“Cancel monthly membership and upgrade to annual.”

How to Get the Most from your Teleseminar – Please Read before Attending

1. Listen to your Bonus Audio, Instant Energy Healing – Quick Start Guide for a quick introduction to the basics of Now Healing.

2. Please read below, before attending your first teleseminar!

Choosing your Healing Intention:

You will be working with one individual issue of your choice, that is related to the topic of the teleseminar.

Choose only one Healing Intention per listening. If you have many issues, listen to the Replay again, for each issue separately. Different things will shift each time you listen. Do not try to clear several issues at the same time – that is an “advanced” technique that is discussed in the other teleseminar series, Tools for Transformation Teleseminars (for Now Healing 101 participants only).

Always type your Healing Intention into the question box on the teleseminar page… before the teleseminar starts… Even if you cannot attend live! That way, Elma can do a personal Alignment on your intention.

What to Expect:

For best results, let go of your expectations! That includes both positive and negative expectations. All expectations are limitations. Allow yourself to observe what is, without distorting your observations (with assumptions, fears, or beliefs).

How to let go of expectations: During the teleseminar (as part of the preparation) you will be guided to Align with non-attachment and neutrality, as you go to your Center. This helps you let go of expectations, which in turn enables you to shift energy effectively.

Energy shifts at the speed of light. Be prepared for things to shift quickly and easily. Your energy field will be very different after the teleseminar or Replay.

You may not be aware of the energy shifting – it does not matter whether or not you can sense it. Energy can change independently of matter and mind. It may shift in ways that you have not yet experienced, so don’t be attached to your “usual” way of sensing energy shifts. Your energy begins to shift as soon as you post your healing intention into the teleseminar page.

These teleseminars are not just lectures where the information is transmitted only verbally. Energy and information are shifting as Elma speaks, and also during the silences.

The words that Elma uses are simply carriers of information, far beyond the dictionary definitions or common associations with the words. Most of what is happening is beyond the verbal, and beyond the understanding of our local conscious minds.

What to Do:

Stay awake and aware. This is not a meditation, it is an activation. This is not an “altered” state, it is an expanded state, in which you are aware, and completely functional in every-day reality, yet expanded, multi-dimensional – you are both local self and Infinite Self.

Feel free to close your eyes. But if you tend to zone out or fall asleep, then keep your eyes open, and sit up in a chair, rather than lying down. Actively doing the Alignments along with Elma will help prevent zoning out. If you do happen to fall asleep, don’t worry about it! The energy that needs to shift… is shifting!

Please be “present” and avoid multi-tasking. Do not drive while listening. This is not a subliminal audio. It is designed to include your participation. You will get the most out of these teleseminars if you learn to “do” the Alignments along with Elma – that way, you’ll know how to do them in your everyday life, when you are not listening to the teleseminar.

Please participate actively: do the Alignments along with Elma. In earlier teleseminars, Elma said that it was OK to just “sit back” and allow her to do the Alignments for you, but she has changed her position on this, and she asks that everyone participate.

How to do the Alignments:

First, familiarize yourself with the Center. Read the following article, What is the Center? Make sure to actually try out the “Center” technique, well before the teleseminar. Remember to come back to this page and finish reading the rest!

Do an Enter to your Center for each command. During the teleseminar, as Elma says any of the Now Healing Commands (Align, Disentangle, Re-integrate), you will:
– “Enter” the command to your Center, as described on the page “What is the Center” (see link above).
– If Elma says the word “Now” after a command, that’s a good time to go to your Center.

For instance, she might say “Align with being able to effectively shift energy… Now.”
On the word “Now” you should go to your Center as if “inputting” the words (or the “energy” of the words) into your Center.

Don’t stress! Don’t worry if you miss doing someEnters to your Center” because the energy will shift anyway. But in general, try to do them, without stressing or hurrying to keep up.
Just do what you can do, comfortably!

Preparation to Shift Energy – Doing a “Slow” Enter to your Center. At the beginning of the teleseminar, Elma will guide you through a “slow” Center: you will spend anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds to go “from the center of the earth, to the base of your spine, up and out the top of your head, expanding out in all directions, while still remaining grounded and present.”

This has many different effects, including: Aligning with your Infinite Self, getting into the Now Healing Space, and getting non-attached and neutral in preparation for shifting energy. For a detailed description, take the Now Healing 101 course.

Doing “Slow” vs. “Fast” Centers. After the initial preparation, Elma will begin to do specific Alignments related to the topic. For those Alignments, you will only do a “fast” Center:
You will “Enter” to your entire Center all at once, without going “up” and without over-focusing on it. It will take a fraction of a second, like the blink of an eye. It’s like pressing the Enter button on your computer. You don’t think about it, you just do it mechanically. Or, you can quickly wave your hand at your Center.

The purpose of Now Healing is ultimately for you to be able to “do it yourself” rather than only relying on Elma to do it “for” you, or “to” you.

For more information… please browse the website! There is tons of free info!

To learn more, you have a choice of products:

  • The most in-depth option, to learn how to use Now Healing as a healer or practitioner, is the Now Healing 101 Home Study Course. It gives you an entire healing modality, in a box! It goes deep – and wide. The course contains over 6 hours of audio, plus an additional 158-page manual which takes another 10-15 hours to complete, with exercises and checklists that you can apply to healing any issue under the sun. It requires some commitment and time!
  • The most comprehensive and complete option, to get more healing, is Heal Your Situation – Guided Healing for Any Pain, Problem, or Pattern.

If you purchase these, make sure to use your exclusive GHT Coupon Codes at the time of purchase. See above for the Coupon Codes button.