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Transcript of the Video

What’s Your Abundance Blockage? (Pssst – that’s the wrong question!)
Get ready for an instant healing for abundance, right here in this video. I’m Elma Mayer, founder of Now Healing, and since 2005, I’ve been teaching tens of thousands of people how to heal anything and everything, with these simple Now Healing commands.
So what do you do, to heal your money issues or your relationship to abundance?
Do you try to pinpoint the causes of financial problems and lack, and then fix those? Do you analyze all the reasons that you are blocked from abundance? So that you can finally overcome these blockages?
Well, if you’ve ever done that, you know it’s not very effective. Even asking the question ‘what’s my abundance blockage” iis a misdirection – and It’s actually waste of your time, and energy, and focus.
There’s a much faster, more direct way to get into the flow of abundance – and it does not involve figuring out what’s wrong and then fixing that.
It involves something much more simple and effective. And that is Instant Alignment with the actual field of abundance that already exists. You just connect to it multidimensionally. Now. Feel that? Not quite sure? That’s ok, I’ll show you again how to do an Instant Now Healing Alignment.
Say this Now Healing command with me, it’s really easy and it works whether you understand it or not — so let go of your assumptions about why this can or cannot work, and let’s just do it, and notice the improvements that actually happen.
Say this with me: “Align with abundance now”. And as you say the word “now”, bring that command into your Center, like pressing an enter button that starts an instant healing program.
Align with abundance now. Breathe that into your Center.
Ok let’s do two more – say these with me: I Align with the larger field of universal abundance… now. Align with being in the flow of abundance… now. Breathe that in and out.
OK, allow those shifts to ripple out… into actual reality… now. Notice what changes over the next few minutes or hours or days. You are now Aligned with the flow of abundance.
And if you want more guidance from me on this topic and many others, Click the link below and join me live every month in my Guided Healing Teleseminars – where we do all kinds of stuff like this – and more.
Enjoy the flow of abundance. This is Elma with love and Wholeness, signing off for now.

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  • How did it feel to Align directly with the “field” of what you want (instead of first finding the blockage in order to heal it)?


  1. Thank you Elma ! Your a gem.

  2. Maria Schatz says

    I hope this works for me in regards to money. I never have enough to last the whole month. SSI is not enough.

  3. I was yawning so much. Felt things shift.
    It’s powerful energies.
    Thank you Elma so much.

  4. Instant and full filling, thanks!

  5. Emilia Motyka says

    “take a vacation from that(referring to various forms of abundance)”,Roma’s response to a comment.I love that! Taking a holiday from figuring it out. Very nice indeed. Thankyou for offering this appealing Alignment.

  6. I attended this little class yesterday (12/11/17) and felt great changes into light-fulness. Later in the day a twinge of awareness of “”not enough” just tweaked into consciousness. So here I am with you again, this morning Elma, and instantly feeling better, energized and lighter in the lower abdomen.
    Thankyou, as always, in the deepest, most profound gratitude.

  7. Thanks Elma you always just hit the nail… so true to cut the chase and focus on simplicity … great wisdom, felt the shift and trusting it to show up …. thank you again

  8. @Lynn, rather than focusing specifically on the various forms of abundance… take a little vacation from that, and instead zoom out to the larger field of Universal Abundance. Focus on that, and leave the specifics alone for a while. A day? A week? If that’s too hard, then how about an hour? 10 minutes? 90 seconds?

    After you remove your local attention from your specific wants and Align with the larger field, you’ll find that the specifics have shifted, behind your back, without your attention!

    Of course, after you feel fully comfy with being Aligned with the big picture, and you are totally Centered in the field of being “at one” with Abundance, feel free to go ahead and work with the specific forms… if you still feel like it.

  9. HI Elma
    Thank you for this!
    My question is what about having the various forms of abundance show up in our lives……such as the best people to work with, the best situations, money, resources etc. How do we move from aligning with abundance to having it “in the bank”?
    Or maybe it’s aligning to with recognizing the abundance that is already here in physical form?

  10. Thank you, Elma. Your clarity and focus are very supportive in moving our minds and hearts from thinking about “what’s wrong” to centering ourselves on all the good that is available to us for health, happiness and prosperity. I am grateful for the Now Healing 101 Home Study Course, especially your calm voice and careful selection of words and phrases that lead us into clarity and improved experiences in our lives. Blessings to you and all you love as you continue your good work.

  11. love your outfit in this video! From where did you get it please?

  12. Huge shift of energy behind me. i feel more in my body. thank you Alma.



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