Money – It’s Only “Energy?” Or…

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It’s not just “Energy.” Money is Morphic!

Back in 2009, my article below was published in a local paper. I wanted to discuss the Morphic Resonance of money, but the editor thought it was “too much” for lay-people to understand. So I discussed money as energy, instead.

Now, 8 years later, this article is still being read and quoted. Re-reading it, I decided to clarify and update it.

When I said “Money – it’s only Energy,” that was an over-simplification.

What I really meant is: “Money is Morphic!It does not only have “energy” and so-called “vibration.” It has field effects – on many levels – including ancestral, social, and collective conscious.

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Money – it’s Only Energy

It’s Only Money

We all know a lot about money. We know that money doesn’t matter, in the larger scheme. We know you can’t take it with you. We know that love, health and fulfillment are more important in the long run. We know that a healthy detachment towards money is best.

But none of those platitudes are really helpful in terms of actually achieving that detachment. Thinking about them may even add more stress to an already stressful financial situation: “If money’s not supposed to matter, then why does it matter so much? I really better get more detached, and quick! But I don’t know how.”

Shift Energy, Not Matter

Money may not matter, but it is energy! And we can work with its energetic component directly. It’s much easier and more effective to change the energy of your finances first, before you try anything else!

This is not just a matter of changing your thoughts. Many manifestation techniques fail, because they rely solely on working with thoughts and emotions. But thinking, and the conscious mind, are just tiny fractions of reality. There are many more levels of existence that influence your finances.

It’s almost impossible to detach on a conscious level, if you’re unaware of what you need to detach from! And that’s hardly ever obvious to the conscious mind.

Non-Conscious Resonance

Your assumptions about your financial condition, your rationale for why you have particular money problems, and your interpretations of your experience of money… are often not actually yours. They may feel like your thoughts, but you might just be resonating with somebody else’s thoughts!

How immune are you, energetically, to this financial climate change? Whether or not you’re currently affected by a real, physical shortage of money, you are very likely resonating, on some level, with the weakness of the global economy. Even if you avoid reading the news or talking about it with others, the energy of collective thoughtforms still influences you – if not financially, then perhaps emotionally, spiritually, or in your relationships, goals or daily habits.

You may also unknowingly resonate with other, more subtle collective patterns – like your culture’s thoughts about work, gender, morality, religion, class and nationality. Here are some examples: “Real men bring home the bacon. Women who stay at home with the kids are not living to full potential. Money makes people powerful and important. The only appropriate work for a woman is nurse, teacher, ballerina or prostitute. Hard work is the only good work. My people are good with money. People who want money cannot be spiritual” … and so on.

Even if you don’t believe these statements, or even if you emphatically disagree with them, your energy field can still be affected, either in resonance or reaction.  Other people’s past or present beliefs create a morphic field, whether or not you are conscious of it.

What Kinds of Energies can Affect your Finances?

It’s not just collective thinking that affects you. Individuals, family and ancestral patterns, can all entangle with the patterns of your finances. Not all of them are “bad” – for instance, you might resonate with your Great-Uncle Chuck’s gift for lucky investments. But you might simultaneously be a carrier for Great-Aunt Betty’s little gambling problem, unbeknownst to you.

Family behaviors and attitudes can hover in your energy field, even if you’ve “dealt” with them consciously. Your mother’s fear or your father’s overspending, and your own old suppressed emotions and thoughts, can shape your current finances.

Ancestral assumptions from a hundred generations ago, can affect you unknowingly, as DNA or cellular memory. A single traumatic experience from a single ancestor can form a karmic field in your life. Even the feng shui of your home can inform your finances. But rather than divorcing your ancestors or moving your furniture, first try changing your own energy patterns.

The Now Healing Disentangle Command

There’s a simple, easy and powerful way to unravel all the energies that are entangled with your financial energy: the Disentangle command. Like the Align command, it creates change on many levels of existence, and multiple dimensions, simultaneously. And there’s no need to consciously control or be aware of each element that gets disentangled. (For more info about the Now Healing Align and Disentangle commands, see Now Healing 101 or most of the other NH products – they come with instructions for how to do it yourself. It’s easy – try the quick version below…)

Let’s do some Alignment and Disentangling – right now! The simple Energetic Alignments below will actually shift your energy, instantly.


Instructions: First, let’s find your current relationship to money. Tune in to yourself. On a scale of 0-10, with 10 = really bad, and 0 = no problem, how do you feel about finances? I’m not asking how much money you have, I’m asking how you experience it. Fear? Or feeling fine? Somewhere between? Choose the first number that pops into your mind. Or use whatever form of energetic testing that works for you to find your number.

Next, say each phrase (“command”) below to yourself. When you get to the word “now” you will “enter” that word to your Center. (Imagine bringing the word “now”  in, to the vertical center of your body, from the base of your spine, out the top of your head. It’s like clicking the “enter” button on your computer – do it fast and without thinking about it too much!) This should take no more than 2 seconds for each phrase. Don’t overthink it – just do it! It doesn’t matter whether you’re “doing it right” or not – there is no wrong way!

  • Disentangle from collective financial fear… now.
  • Disentangle from collective financial expectations… beliefs… and assumptions… now.
  • Disentangle from fear of loss… now.
  • Disentangle from fear of poverty… and collective memory of poverty… now.
  • Disentangle from ancestral and family patterns that weaken my finances… now.
  • Disentangle from financial traumatic experiences… now.
  • Disentangle from my past inappropriate financial patterns… now.
  • Whether I have money or not, Align with Wholeness… now.
  • Align with the natural ebb and flow of money… now.
  • Disentangle finances from emotions…  thoughts…  relationships…  health…  home… now.
  • Disentangle from neediness… now.
  • Align with a better relationship with money… now.
  • Align with abundance… now.
  • Align with gratitude… now.
  • Align with appreciation… now.
  • Align with Highest Self… now.
  • Align my finances with Highest Self… now.
  • Align global finances with Highest Self, highest expression and highest good… now.

Take a deep breath. Tune in to how you feel about money right at this moment.

Does it feel different from before? Where are you now, on a scale of 0-10? Don’t be surprised if your “how much of a problem” number is lower – because you’ve just healed your energy field around money. This change in energy will manifest into real, tangible change in your life.

Even if you don’t feel anything, your energy still shifted. And it will continue to shift and Align. 

Did you notice any immediate change in your emotions and thoughts about money? Leave a reply below!

© 2009 Elma Mayer.  Originally published in the Los Feliz Ledger.

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  1. Great strategies for shifting energy and morphic resonance. I wish everyone will know this and will learn from it. Just for everyone to know that everything explained here is factual and i have witnessed it by going to clubs that are full of broke people and have attracted brokeness while being a very high net worth businessman. and have gained richness by going to clubs and restaurants that i like and mostly all rich people come there.

  2. The statement “Align my finances with Highest Self…now.” jumped out at me this time through. Obviously my finances had been aligning with something that I was unaware of…hmm? Must follow through on that insight.

  3. This is beautiful! Thank you!

  4. Always tap into your creative energy to think of new ways to make money. Learning new skills , keeping positive and grateful to what you have right now as an income is a way of opening abundance . See obstacles as a means of transcendence and growth. Cut unnecessary expenses and have some sports and moderate physical exercises that can improve your health and boost productivity. Volunteer and help as much as you can especially for the deserving people because this can open for you doors of blessings.
    I also recommend for you a book called rich dad , poor dad by Robert Kiyosaky. You can watch it as an audiobook on youtube.

  5. Hi Elma,

    Tremendous thank you for sharing this beautiful truth! Yes, I instantly felt a shift after completing this process. I went from ‘6 to 1’. This really works! I felt the shift even before I read where you mentioned that “I should notice a shift in my energy” – amazing!

  6. this is great. i feel great about money.

  7. Wow! I went from a 9 to a 3. This is something I will definitely keep working with. Namaste.

  8. Yes

  9. Thanks Elma for sharing some fundamental truths and helping folks in the right direction of financial wellbeing. Regards-Parag

  10. Thank you! This was almost instant. As I said the phrases, I could feel which entanglements were the most active and I could feel them release. Powerful. I am wondering is this something I should continue to do on a regular basis until I see things manifested differently or is it once & done?

  11. yes i did a lil thqanks its a good start for me .im in a lil bit of energy debt but now i can see a lil light on the road that will help push throught it.

  12. I feel so close yet can’t crack the abundance to my freedom and my financial debt and not been able to meet payments drags me back into thoughts.
    I am living my dream of freedom to the best oft ability but still feel limited.
    Any guidance is appreciated!

  13. Elma Mayer says

    @Alberta – glad you’re finding it useful! Love and Wholeness, Elma

  14. Alberta DiCillo says


  15. Thanks Elma! That was a nice, noticeable shift around this issue. So helpful.

  16. I immediately felt the energy shift and my entire body vibrated and I had chills from head to toe!!! I did a couple of the videos as well already this morning and had the same affects!!! Great stuff thank you so much Elma!!!

  17. Really great stuff!!! @ Juniper do you mind sharing which teleseminar you listened to?

  18. WOW!!!!! I felt a shift immediately! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  19. Hi Kian – Try doing the 2nd video of the Video Healing Space
    “Disentangle from your Problem or Upset” – while it’s just a quick fix, it can still help a lot.

    I did a teleseminar on clearing addictions a few months ago. Eventually, I will get it together to edit the recording and put it up on the website 🙂 !!! But in the meantime, try the various resources that are already here — they can be very helpful.

    Love and Wholeness,

  20. Kian Gray says

    i happen to have some gambling problem. i am addicted to poker and blackjack that i lost 1,000$ in one night.*’-

  21. Paul Michael says

    Thanks Elma, I felt an immediate sense of relief & detachment after doing the disentanglements & alignments


    Dan Moriarty says on 17/Feb/10
    yes I did.. ! Ive been practicing the Yuen method (and will be going to matrix energetics in Chicago next month) for quite some time and I felt these changes! What I mean is you put together some great statements for clearing….thank you!

    nedi safa says on 23/Jan/10
    Beautiful article. I really needed that . I didn’t realize how much some of those things bugged me, and Elma, as usual cleaned out the areas where muck was still lurking. She’s the dental hygienist of my energy field! LOL

    Juniper says on 22/Jan/10
    Money really is only energy. I was listening to a teleseminar on finances, after it had been recorded and everything. Ever since I listened to it I have been getting a lot more money and not just through work. Money just seems to find its way to me.



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