Are MY bad habits good for YOU?

Yes, oddly… they can be very very good for you. Not that you’d want to actually take on my bad habits, like these…

-> Using any feeble excuse to put off my daily morning walk, like “it’s already too hot” or “I’ll just do a few other things first” so I end up sitting on my butt all day in front of the computer, feeling stiffer and older by the hour.

-> When inspiration strikes, I look for distractions, like, oooh, I had a great idea for my book, but first, I’ll make coffee, and look, the dog needs fresh water, and I’d better make my To-Do list, and check my email for a sec… so no wonder the inspiration fades into the distance.

-> Perfectionism so it takes way too long to do things. Embarrassingly long.

But I have transformed these bad habits…

I’ve shifted my nitpicking into balanced energetic sensitivity. My distraction to focus & flow.  (I’ll let you know about the morning walk, tomorrow.)

How can these bad habits of mine be good for you?

Because… I’ve developed a powerful cool tool, to heal them. And it works.

And I want to share it with you.

Now I’m not saying that I’m perfect, with zero “bad habits”.

But I AM saying that I’ve discovered a fast easy way to change them, effortlessly, without resorting to discipline or will power.

I’m super-excited to show you how to do it… or if you simply can’t lift a finger to learn this simple tool coz you’re feeling like a puddle of warm jello and jello doesn’t have fingers… then I’ll do it FOR you.

I’ll give you the power-tool that finally worked for my bad habits!


WHEN: practically right now!  Starts Soon! 9am PDT, noon EDT, 5pm BEST

If you missed it, no worries, the replay is fully energetically active.

WHAT: Life Habits and Patterns – Get in your Best Flow

Heal your WHOLE Life… through the lens of your habits and patterns… for example, your:

  • behaviors
  • addictions
  • obsessive /compulsive behaviors
  • time habits, productivity, discipline, focus
  • sleep
  • money habits, overspending etc
  • relationship patterns
  • resonance with ancestral patterns

WHY: Because if you bring YOUR habit or pattern – we will shift it!

Enroll Here: Guided Healing Teleseminars

Hurry – it starts very soon!




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