Narcissism and Low Self-Esteem: a Hidden Source of Health Problems?

Searching for the cause of your health problems?

The first thing you think of is not likely to be “Ego Imbalances,” like narcissism and low self-esteem.

Yet I see many people’s health issues resolve very quickly, as soon as their “Ego” gets Disentangled from their physical body. (How do you actually Disentangle? We have ways! Scroll down…)

How can Narcissism and Low Self-Esteem cause Pain?

How can these two extremes of “Ego Imbalance” possibly be a source of health problems, pain, or ailments?

First of all, let’s clarify: I’m not saying that it’s the only cause of pain. But ego imbalance is a huge, hidden, unacknowledged factor… and it’s almost completely overlooked.

Excessive and Deficient Ego

Ego is your relationship to your self – your body, mind, spirit, and whole life.

Excessive ego is not just a “big ego” –  not just selfish, bragging or narcissistic. Deficient ego is not just low-self esteem or self-abnegation.

They both bring about an undesired effect….

Both extremes bring over-focus on self.

Preoccupation with self can come from self-absorption on the one hand – and self-criticism and self-scrutiny on the other. Either way…

Over-focus on yourself creates over-focus on your problems! And that anchors them into place. Even though you are trying to heal the problem!

Excessive ego can entangle with all kinds of physical problems. There’s not a direct one-to-one correspondence between excessive ego and a particular physical ailment. It depends on many variable entanglements.

Here are some possible examples:  inflammation, inability to detox, sex addiction, and mental loops of anxiety about pain.

Deficient ego is over-concerned about how bad you are – which includes how bad your body is! Obviously that creates many life problems. But more insidiously, it amplifies actual physical pain and illness.

It can trigger breathing issues like asthma or frequent lung infections, nutrient malabsorption, stagnant circulation, cardiovascular problems… and also “energy leaks” and energetic distortion.

Swings between both extremes are also common. This can have effects on stress, hormones, vision, joint pain, you name it!

So… when you have physical pain, illness, or limitations, you may have a hidden, underlying “Ego Imbalance” – regardless of whether you have a “big ego” or “low self-esteem.

Not just Health Issues – Love & Money Too!

I have found hidden “Ego Entanglements” in myself, and in innumerable clients… Not just for body issues. Also for more obvious life issues, like Happiness and Money and Love and Time and Space.

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