Negative Energy, Entities, Aliens, etc

Q:  “I’ve heard that it was possible to be taken over by aliens/entities. I developed a fear of this. How does Now Healing deal with this?”

A: First thing, go to your Center, and command “Disentangle… now!”  The Now Healing “Disentangle” Command is a powerful and effective way to Disentangle your energy field from the morphic field of “Fear of Entities” etc… and from so -called “negative” energies themselves. See below for some Free Alignments.

Discern the Difference Between Fear of a Thing…

… and the thing itself. The two are often entangled. That can create a feedback loop, amplifying fear. It can also cause you to resonate with or “attract” the unwanted field. So it’s essential to Disentangle from fear, in addition to Disentangling from the thing itself!

“Negative” Energy, Entities, Aliens, Etc…

It’s all just information! Now Healing treats everything, every issue, problem or situation, as neutral bits of information. We don’t work on the issue itself; instead, we work on its information field. It’s much easier to “clear” stuff when you maintain non-attachment and neutrality. Going to your Center is a great way to align with those qualities.

  Free Sample of Negative Energy Clearing: Energetic Detox

Here are some other free alignments that take you through the process:
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For more explanation of the terms and the process, see:
How to Activate Self Healing in 2 Seconds or Less

The many components of the Disentangle command  –  and the importance of non-attachment and neutrality – are described in great detail in the Now Healing 101 course.



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