Now Healing Earth: Climate Change – Free Teleseminars

Announcing… the new Free Teleseminar Series

… for Now Healing Earth! These teleseminars happen 4 times a year, near solstices/equinoxes.

Replay available now, for Activate Peace – Register below.
Next Live Teleseminar: Heal Global Turbulence (Political, Religious, etc.) and Your Own Resonance with it.  Sep. 17, 2016

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Now Healing Earth



Join us – No Experience Necessary!

In this healing circle, you will create real, effective energy shifts. Just follow along with the simple process. Anyone can do it.

What will Happen in the Free Teleseminar:

  • Elma will guide you to do Energetic Alignments, to heal (Align with Wholeness)
    • The physical components of climate change
    • Humanity’s interrelationship with Earth
    • Our fears, frustration, overwhelm and despair – so that we can manifest healing and Wholeness from a place of Aligned power, not over-reaction. It’s much more effective that way!
    • and Align with new states – where material solutions, mental patterns, actions and behavior are Integral / Integrated.
  • Share your ideas for Alignments – just post them into the webcast box (before and during the live teleseminar).
  • You will Activate your specific highest expression of healing / whole-ing for the planet!


  • Your phone, Skype, or Online via webcast.
  • What if you cannot attend live, but you still want to participate? No worries, you can listen to the Replay and follow along with the Alignments. This is remote space-time healing, which means that the energy will shift just as effectively in the Replay. But do try to be there live, if possible – it’s just more fun!

Why Do “Energy Healing” for the Earth?

Because It Works. Shifting energy always creates changes in reality. Plus, it’s much easier than shifting matter. Your inner materialist (a vestige of the old paradigm) might not believe that’s possible. Mine is always trying to nay-say, but I just tell it to be quiet, because I’m workin’ here, dude!

Materialism is what got us into this mess in the first place. Of course, material solutions to climate change are vital – if you can do that, please go do it! But I’m good at energetic solutions, so that’s how I’m contributing. Please join us!

(Actually, it’s not really “Energy Healing.”) It’s “Applied Morphic Resonance.” But most folks are unfamiliar with that, so I’ll keep calling it “Energy Healing” for now. We don’t do old-school energy healing, where you move Qi, or fluff up the aura, or clear chakras. Those are side-effects. Instead, we Align fields of morphic memory. It’s easy, even though it sounds mysterious. You’ll see, when you join us!

Because It’s Urgent. Huge amounts of polar ice are melting daily, and that’s just the tip of the climate change iceberg. Let’s do everything we can – now. Not just on the levels of matter and mind. Not just on the level of changing thoughts and behaviors… but on the energetic level, which underlies everything!

Because When you Heal the Earth… you heal yourself, in the process. “Healing” means Making Whole. On the most basic level, there is no difference between you and the earth – it’s all one.

Healing Climate Change Energetically is Essential

You, as a single individual, can create a global shift. Join us in laying the energetic foundation for healing climate change on all levels.

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