Now Healing Earth: Gulf Oil Spill 2010

Join us in healing the earth.
As you follow along with the energy shifts in these videos,
you amplify healing and wholeness for the planet.


Please leave your comments
and your healing alignments for earth, below!

And please send the URL of this page to everyone you know that
wants to help heal earth, and humanity’s relationship to earth… to:
Heal the ocean. Heal the Gulf of Mexico. Heal the oil spill.
You are now healing the ocean! You are now healing the earth!
You are now healing the oil spill! You are now healing!

Free Teleseminar – Now Healing Earth: Climate Change

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Now Healing Earth



Join us – No Experience Necessary!

In this healing circle, you will create real, effective energy shifts. Just follow along with the simple process. Anyone can do it.

What is Now Healing Earth?

A virtual healing circle – and not just “remote” healing, but “Remote-Space-Time” healing!

Through videos, free teleseminars, and occasional live events, Now Healing founder Elma Mayer invites you to participate. You will Plug In to your innate healing power… to create real healing for our planet.

We will do Alignments for:

  • Climate change
  • Water healing – oceans, rivers, lakes, aquifers, polar ice melt
  • Air, atmosphere, storms and weather patterns
  • Fires, drought, volcanic activity
  • Life-form healing from plankton to whales to endangered species
  • Humanity’s relationship to earth
  • Our fear of future catastrophe
  • And anything else on earth that you are inspired to Align!

What will Happen in this Free Teleseminar:

  • Elma will guide you to do powerful and effective Energetic Alignments.
  • You can share your ideas for Alignments – just post them into the webcast box (before and during the live teleseminar).
  • And… you will Activate your specific highest expression of healing / whole-ing for the planet!


  • Your phone, Skype, or Online via webcast.
  • What if you cannot attend live, but you still want to participate? No worries, you can listen to the Replay and follow along with the Alignments. This is remote space-time healing, which means that the energy will shift just as effectively in the Replay. But do try to be there live, if possible – it’s just more fun!

When: we meet four times a year, around the solstices and equinoxes. Sign up to get details! If you can’t join us live, you can participate anytime, by using the Replay.

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  1. Thank you Elma, this alignment is of great support in my rescue mission for the traumatized and disoriented souls in events such as the Tsunami.

  2. cloudthunder says

    yeh ha! what a relief! thank you thank you thank you!

  3. Elma, Thank you so much teaching us a wonderful healing !
    I was grieving for the ocean. I will do it again. This healing will help this situation.

  4. Iris Bravo says

    Thank You for inspiring us to do our share in healing the earth! Making a difference feels GREAT!

  5. Marti Che' says

    Elma, beautiful demonstration! Thank you! I learned so much from the video.


  6. Lori Madzelonka says

    Thank you! Getting this out there to as many people as possible will definitely shift the energy to the positive! Mother Earth needs all of us now to heal Her and all her creatures! We, as a whole of humanity, can certainly move mountains (or stop the oil leak!!!).

  7. oh elma, this is amazing. thank you so much for empowering each of us to make a difference!!

  8. Beautiful work, thank you for taking the time to show us how to get out of our fear and rage and make a difference. Keep it up!

  9. nedi safa says

    Thank you so much for doing this. It’s so important to invoke healing and solutions rather than just blame. Well done. I will do it again later today.



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