Peace – of Mind, Body, Spirit

What area of your life needs more Peace?

FlowerOfLifePeaceSign - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

No matter what area of life it is…
you can increase your peace – instantly.

Try it now. Follow the easy instructions below.

Your Free Alignments for Peace on All Levels:

Instructions to activate these Alignments: Notice your vertical Center for 1 second, as you read or say the word “Now”.

1. Are you willing to bypass anxiety, anger, resentment,
blame, shame, guilt, grief and stress of all stripes?
–> If yes, Align with Peace of Mind and Emotions… Now!

2. Are you ready to be at peace with your physical existence?
To be okay with your body, as it is right now,
regardless of wounds, weight, wrinkles, warts and all?
–>If yes, Align with Making Peace with your Body… Now.

3. Are you ready to be present and pleasant with your pals, partner,
parents, progeny, the public and people of all sorts?
–>If yes, Align with Peaceful Relationships… Now!

4. Are you ready to stop being a restless spiritual seeker,
and settle down into a state of already being Whole
and simultaneously always becoming Whole – “And So It Is”?
–> If yes, Align with Peace on your Path… Now!
–> Align with your Peaceful Life on all Levels… Now!

5. Be at peace with your:
–> Money… Now!
–> Time… Now!
–> Energy… Now!

6. Transmit peace.
–> Align the Whole Planet with Peace… Now!

Aaaah, doesn’t that feel nicer?

Why be at Peace?

Struggle is heroic and inspirational, right? Yeah, it is – if it’s in a book or movie. But if it’s actually happening to you, it ain’t so pretty. Let’s dump the old paradigm of drama, sturm und drang, stress and strain.

Life flows better when you can easily “come home” to a state of peace, every day. No matter what’s happening around you, peace always exists at your Center. And you can always “come home” to it.

How? Simply become aware of its existence. That awareness creates instant connection. It softens us up a wee bit, enough to let the morphic field of Peace “vibrate” us into resonance.

You just did it in the Free Alignment above. And it took about one minute.

I do declare, I’m ready for PEACE in my life! 
Anyone care to join me?

Love and Wholeness,

Want to go deeper?

Join us for a powerful Guided Healing Call!

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In this powerful session, you will Align with a state of Peace.

  • Be at peace with your body, regardless of your level of “health.”
  • Align all parts of your body to be at peace (congruent) with
    all other parts! Your Cells! Your foot bone connected to your tail bone!
  • Mental and emotional peace – get off the roller coaster of drama,
    the pit of emotional stuckness, and mental loops of anxiety – and
    instantly, effectively come to Center.
  • Be at peace with your life – your money, time, energy, home, job,
    partner, family, friends, tribe, and the whole planet.

Join us to increase the peace – for all levels of existence… Now!

Get a Full Hour of Individualized Healing… to Increase your Peace.

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  1. Clare Dyck says

    I’ve found Old memories stirred up in emotional, mental, physical, spiritual bodies by work with Essence of Life. Body has been feeling the “cut in half” disquiet and discomforts. Not pain but unwellness sending me to bed on this cold day .. Sending me in search of Elma’s wisdom. I found it at once – Align with peace, forgiveness and gratitude at all levels.
    My 10 has dropped – to 5 and dropping.
    Thankyou Body for allowing me to see the damage of the past. An incident I knew of, but hadn’t realised the depth of despair held in my cells. The pain of betrayal and theft of my power.
    So I take a long drink of water to aid the cleansing process.
    Thankyou dearest Elma

  2. Ya done it again Elma me ol sweetheart

  3. Elma it is wonderful and so needed for me and for us all.

  4. Thanks Elma………..really needed this now and there it was!

  5. Anita Griffith says

    Wow!! Beautiful – so powerful!! Thank you xxx



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