Permission Granted! Your Energy Shifts

I’ve just granted myself permission to raise my prices…

To upgrade the way that I conduct private sessions.
To increase their value – and vibration – for my clients.
And to allow myself to move forward on a long-held vision.

Now, I invite you to grant yourself permission…
… to do one thing that you’ve been putting off – one thing
that will move your life forward.

Your Energy Shifts

Tune in to your ideal life path. Are you on it? Locate it on your mental mapquest – even if you don’t know what it is, or why, or wherefore. Now find your current location, in relation to that path. Remember it. Now let’s shift some energy!

To activate these shifts, simply place your attention on your
Center (spine area) for a moment as you read each one:
  • I Align my soul’s desire, my personality’s desire, and my higher will… now.
  • I Disentangle from any and all entanglements holding me back… now.
  • I give myself permission to grow and move forward… now.
  • I give myself permission to be my highest self… now.
  • I give myself permission to live the highest expression of my life… now.
  • I allow my loved ones to be congruent with my highest path… now.
  • I give the universe permission to support my highest path… now.
  • I Align with my highest path… now.

OK, tune in again. Locate yourself, and your path.
Has your position changed? Notice the real changes in your life.


Before I totally step onto my new path…

I want to offer you one final chance to
get a session with me at the current lower price.

Have you ever considered having a private session with me?
Well, this is a great time to give yourself permission!

Because in just a few hours, my private session prices are going up… way up .

So buy your session now – before
Thursday, April 14 at 8pm Pacific Time!
Click here to Buy Now – By Thursday!

Here’s to your best and beautifullest life path!

Love and wholeness,



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