Predicting the Future: Ascension or Armageddon?

prediction picturePlanetary Predictions, Plots, Panic… plus a Plethora of Pronouncements on Pandemics, Plagues, Petroleum Pollution, Pole Shifts, Permafrost Peril, Populations Perishing, and Planet X.

Why are so many people preoccupied with petrifying, paralyzing predictions? Is any kind of certainty (even certain doom) better than uncertainty?

Some people prefer physical projections, like the alarming rate of sea-level rise, methane release, deforestation – or the stubborn denial of these projections.

Other folks focus on the immaterial, like earth ascension: “Be prepared for the vast changes that will happen. If you don’t raise your vibration, you will be left behind. This will all manifest by 2012, or 2016, or 20__.”

I know some prediction-obsessed people who do not learn any new discernment from prior forecasts that failed. My prediction-addict friends conveniently forget, and forge ahead to new pronouncements. I would suggest a healthier hobby that also gives that thrill, that rush of excitement and suspense: go see action-adventure-space-superhero movies, as long as you don’t misinterpret those as future predictions too.

Or even better… shift your focus from dreading the future, to healing the present.

Should you be Optimistic or Pessimistic?

Neither. Be Centered instead: calibrate yourself to zero, to neutral, so that you can accurately read the present. It’s too easy to become entangled with other people’s infectious opinions, and confuse fear of the future with actual reality.

You can choose not to resonate with pessimistic thought-forms, like impending end-times, or Armageddon.

You can choose not to resonate with fear of natural phenomena, like asteroids, super-volcanoes, pole shifts and pandemics.

You can Disentangle from the fear of human-caused climate catastrophe, global warming, nuclear winter, civilization collapse, etc…

All those things are certainly possible. But they are not inevitable, or fated, or karmically justified.

On the other hand, I also choose not to resonate with the optimism of positive thinking, or the optimism of denial, or the irresponsibility of relying on Deus Ex Machina, or the rapture.

I’m not saying that these terrible things (or wonderful things) will – or will not – happen. I am saying that it is much more fruitful to focus on the now – without fear, or complacency.

I’m not saying that the situation is not urgent. It is. But instead of panic and pessimism, let’s plug into power and purpose.

When I look into the future, I discern many potential outcomes, rather than a pre-determined pathway. Of course, some of these attractors are stronger than others.

But our choices, in each present moment, will morph and in-form the future, with constant, myriad course-corrections.

Premonitions and Intuition can be Accurate…

… when they are un-distorted by fear, un-tinted by rose-colored – or fear-colored – glasses.

Be aware of what is signal, and what is noise. If you’re not sure, come from your Center, and amplify your awareness. Ask a question that comes from your Center.

If you can come from neutral, non-attached, calibrated-to-zero, infinite Center… and tune into the future from that perspective, your “reading” will be more accurate. You will discern what you can know, and what you cannot know.

The Future is Closer than it Ever Was Before. Things are changing faster and faster, ramping up exponentially. Let’s choose our response consciously, wisely, rather than with panic.

Rather than only trying to predict HOW things will or will not change, why not BE the change, as well?

Let’s focus on shifting the information that is shiftable in the present moment… instead of (inadvertently) solidifying one of any number of potential futures, with our fearful focus.

Heal the Present? Or Fear the Future?

It’s your choice. Guess which one is more useful?

Instead of predictions, I offer you Alignment – Now.

Instructions: when you read the word “now”, input that command into your Center.

For more info on how to do this, subscribe to our newsletter at top right. You’ll learn about the Center and more, in the Free Alignments you’ll receive. But don’t wait for the info – just try it anyway, now! Your energy will shift, whether you “know what you’re doing” or not.
  • Disentangle from predictions, whether true or false… now.
  • Distentangle fear and future… now.
  • Align with Wholeness in the presence of the future… now.
  • Align with Wholeness in the absence of knowing the future – and not knowing the future… now.
  • Align with your power source, and your power to connect with, amplify and broadcast your highest expression of being here on earth… now.

Breathe in to your Center – and allow those shifts to ripple out into 1024 dimensions of reality… Aaaah, yes!

You are now plugged in to your power source, to heal and make Whole. You are Now Healing Earth. Thank you!

Please comment below… and share this with your prediction-addicted friends!


  1. Thank you Elma for reminding me what a powerful tool this is! To go to centre is to become Present in the Eternal NOW and aligning with wholeness and disentangling projections, we not only align for ourself but align ALL THINGS!!


  2. Elizabeth S says

    Hi Elma,
    Thank you so much for this alignment page. I have been doing this on my own, however I feel an extra zip when I hear your words, and do the aligning here with you. I love the disentangle and reintegrate directions. I use these for my older Kitty, Miss Jassmine, and I really see her perk up and she loves the infinity done on her tail and spine. Thank you for all your wonderful healing and waking up.
    Blessings to you, and Divine Love.
    Elizbeth in NY~

  3. Thank you so much, Elma! I’ve been reading some material and watching videos about some “conspiracy theory” topics and these alignments are exactly what I need! Now I’m feeling centred and grounded again! Much Love and Gratitude!

  4. Elma, you are spot on………With all the projected negativity in the world, sometimes it’s very difficult to not “buy” the programs projected so to speak.

    I keep forgetting how easy it is to disentangle and to just enter center…………….Thank You!



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