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Your Personal Progress & Practice Program (P4)

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Elma’s Vision

Hello! I’m Elma Mayer, Founder of Now Healing. I got super-inspired when I realized that my advanced clients had a unique need. A need that was not possible to meet with standard private healing sessions.

So I was guided to invent a new unique program – to integrate the modalities that meet your needs.

Not just Healing. Not just Coaching. Not just spiritual practice or self-development. Not just lifestyle, behaviors, or actions. But ALL of that, and more. A Synthesis of the highest outcomes of Instant Morphic Healing AND Coaching. To awaken your Expanded Awareness & Action, as well as Highest Healing.

Beyond regular Private Sessions

How is this revolutionary program different from “normal” private sessions?

The purpose is not just to heal specific problems.

If your goal is to solve a few isolated problems, like curing a physical pain or overcoming emotional trauma, or if you have a specific intention to manifest money or love or confidence or productivity… then this is not the right program for you. 

We do have other powerful programs that work wonders for your specific goals! For example… Heal your Situation, or private sessions with Nedi Safa.


  • If your main goal is to evolve your WHOLE Life, as well as the specific PARTS, issues and goals…
  • If you are ready & willing to do what it takes every single day for at least two months, creating a practice of journaling and soul-work…
  • Then yes, of course, we will do healing for specific things like physical issues,  manifestation,  relationships, self-confidence… All in the greater service of your WHOLE Life’s evolution.

What this Advanced Private Program IS:

This Personal Progress & Practice Program (P4) combines the benefits of:

  • Personal 1-on-1 Sessions with Elma and her unique Instant Morphic Healing
  • Life Coaching (Motivation, Action & Accountability) that is up-leveled with Energetic Alignments, not just talk…
  • Masterminding with Massive Morphic Momentum…
  • Creating your targeted, daily personal practice – with fast, easy, Morphic Mantras to reach your highest aspirations…

And then this program Integrates all those benefits, and amplifies them exponentially!

This is a program of ongoing WHOLE Life Coaching + Healing. We will:

  • Determine your highest aspirations and over-arching vision for your life… and then…
  • Create a program of Action, Practice, and Healing…
  • Build Morphic Momentum to flow you towards your highest vision and purpose. 

What this Program is NOT:

  • You simply bringing your specific complaints & problems to a session, and Elma “doing healing” on you. Nope, that’s not what it’s about!
  • Regular Life Coaching, with SMART goals, and lots of overwhelming advice based on one-size-fits-all training. Nope, not happening in this program! This is Morphic Coaching+Healing!

Please note: Elma is not a “certified life coach” or therapist! So if you want regular life coaching, or if you want to talk about your problems, this ain’t that.

What to Expect:

In each call, we focus on your life goals and healing intentions, in any and all areas.

We will do healing for specific “issues” to support your larger goals – but the main focus is not on “issues, problems, or blockages”.

In addition, we will:

  • Build your daily practice, personal patterns, with Morphic Momentum.
  • Fine-tune your self-healing and manifestation ability.
  • Expand your awareness, clarity, inspiration, integrity and accountability to your self and your Infinite Self… and…
  • Align you with “True-Self Confidence”.
  • Create Alignment with your highest actions, patterns, behaviors… both Being and Doing.

What You Get in this Program: 

– Two 50-minute private calls per month

– Recordings of the calls. Listen again & again.

– Morphic Mantras & journaling prompts.

– Two email follow-up & support sessions (required) plus additional email support as needed.

Price: $697 per month

Commitment: At least two months’ commitment is recommended. And ideally, you would continue for three to six months – because that creates morphic momentum!

Appointment Times: Appointments are generally on weekdays after 12 noon PT (3pm ET, 7pm GMT). If those times do not work for you, we will find a time that does.

Requirements / Pre-requisites:

This is an advanced program for folks who already have experience with the basics of Now Healing.

You must complete at least one of the programs below, well before the first session. If you want to participate but you have not yet completed the pre-requisite, please start working on it now… so that you can be finished before this program begins!

Any one of the following will fulfill the pre-requisite requirement:

  • Heal Your Situation (Full 8-Hour Version)
  • Now Healing 101 Home Study Course
  • Energetic Detox
  • The Seven Transformations
  • The Healing Helix
  • Transform Your Whole Life Small Group Intensive
  • Your Ultimate Power Small Group Intensive
  • Guided Healing Membership – you must have been an active participant for at least 4 months, and listened to at least 8 different Guided Healing Calls, either live or in the Audio Library.

How to Apply:

Scroll down and fill out the application below.

The Goal of this Program:

The goal is not just your desired outcome. Not just reaching your specific intention.

The real goal is your Whole Life… Aligned. We will Align not just the areas you think need work, but everything else that’s unknown to you, that needs to Align in order for your entire Life to flow, to feel good, to be fulfilling, joyful and purposeful… ultimately, for your Life to be made Whole. On all levels, in all areas.

Yes, that’s big. But that’s what is required now. Things can Align with Wholeness in an instant. But at the same time, Wholeness is an ongoing evolutionary path, of always becoming more and more Whole.

Are you on that path, but need a program of support?

If yes, let’s get started. Please fill out the application below.


“I just listened to the latest of our sessions and I am happy to report that the golden loving energy does its job just as well in the replay. I am full of love and gratitude for what you did with me. What we accomplished was so major that a promotion into general is due. (And it seems to get more and more complete each time I re-listen.) Working with you was even better than anticipated and I really feel so safe and secure in your aligning and disentangling hands!” – AA, Stockholm, Sweden

“After just 3 sessions with Elma, a bump the size of an egg in my breast went away. She helped me get rid of the fear of “cancer”. She also helped me move forward in life and clean up collateral issues around relationships.” – Mary W.

“In my first session, we worked on healing around learning, speaking, and memorization problems for my Japanese studies. Test-taking is so much more effortless, and I retain the kanji more easily than ever.

“Woke up feeling lighter, happier and calmer. Felt more appreciative of my body. Really great session.” – R, UK

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Space is limited! If your application is accepted but there are no openings, you will be placed on a waiting list.

Four new openings will be available starting in August 2020!

Instructions: Please answer each question fully, in 5 sentences or fewer. Don’t be too brief. I need some details! (If you say “my issues are relationships and health”, that does not give me enough information!)



Elma Mayer / Now Healing makes no claims of medical treatment or cure. These sessions, and Now Healing, are not a substitute for medical care and consultation. Now Healing is a supportive and integrative system and is not a diagnostic method, medical treatment, or a cure. Consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment.
California Senate Bill 577 provides that a complementary and alternative health care provider does not violate the California Medical Practice Act if certain disclosures are made:
Now Healing does not involve touching the client. The goal of Now Healing is to correct weak or blocked energy, supporting the body and mind to heal itself. The client may or may not incorporate those corrections to release pain or ailments, or to make other positive changes to their attitudes and goals.
Elma Mayer is not a licensed physician, nor is she a licensed healing arts practitioner or life coach. Now Healing does not maintain malpractice insurance. Now Healing does not (1) make any diagnosis, (2) prescribe medication, or (3) recommend that any person discontinue medication prescribed by a license healing arts services practitioner. The services to be provided are not licensed by the state of California. The treatment is alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state.
Training and qualifications: Elma Mayer is a Certified Practitioner and Instructor of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, and has completed Level 3 Yuen Method Workshops, Internships, and a Certification course taught by Dr. Kam Yuen. She is also a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner and a Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner.

Refunds and Cancellations

SESSION REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds for sessions due to your perceived “lack” of results… your energy will shift, but no other “results” are guaranteed. If you expect that you’ll likely be dissatisfied with your results, or if you intend to ask for a refund before you purchase, please do not apply, and seek help elsewhere.