Rethink your Health

This is not just a pretty picture with a soothing saying! An #InstantShift is an actual Energetic Alignment. What shifted for you? Please comment below!

An #InstantShift is an actual Energetic Alignment… it is not just a soothing platitude!  What shifted for you? Please comment below!

Rethink your Health…
or your Lack of Health

Are you generally healthy, or unhealthy?

What’s your first reaction? Don’t overthink it – just answer quickly.

Your answer to this question is an unexamined assumption. And your assumptions about your health can directly affect you. They can amplify – or distort – your health.

But the solution is not to sit around examining and analyzing your assumptions  – or trying to think postive. That doesn’t really help! Instead, Disentangle them!

Assuming that you are Unhealthy can be..

…  a self-fulfilling prophecy. Regardless of the “facts.” Regardless of a diagnosis, or lack thereof. This is not just “negative thinking” which, in a roundabout way, stresses your immune system. It’s much more direct. It actually programs your state of being by making morphic templates, a memory-field of influence.

On the Other Hand, Assuming that you’re Healthy…

… can sometimes be a form of denial, or ignorant bliss. “I can handle all the french fries, late nights, cocaine and unprotected sex that I want – I am strong, my body cannot be hurt.”  Mind over matter works, up to a point… until it doesn’t. If you’re going to treat yourself carelessly, assuming that you’re immortal and invincible may be the best attitude… or it may just be reckless lack of awareness.

Does that Mean you Can’t Win, Either Way?

Is neither side of the Healthy-Unhealthy continuum a desirable way to think? Sort of, yes, if you use Assumption rather than Awareness, to stay within those two ends of the limited spectrum.

You Have a 3rd Choice: Transcend That Duality!

Health implies its opposite, and vice versa. You know, like yin and yang. But beyond the thing itself, and its polar opposite, lies a third choice…

Jump off the 2-dimensional continuum. Quantum Leap to another Level. This is what the Now Healing Triality Alignment does, in an instant. We will do just that, this Saturday – scroll down for details.

What happens when you Transcend “Healthy vs. Unhealthy?

  • Health fears disappear.
  • Awareness becomes accurate – so you can address the real disconnects underlying your health issues, rather than guessing, or relying on one-size-fits-all health truisms.
  • Health issues can shift  – and heal – much more easily… and sometimes instantly.

If you’re on this website, you understand full well that you can actually make yourself feel better – or worse – depending on your assumptions about feeling better or worse. But understanding is just the first step. Actual transformation is much more useful than mere understanding.

How do you Transform and Transcend?

It’s not about willing yourself to change your thoughts. It’s actually an easy energy shifting technique that anyone can do. I’ll guide you to do it, this Saturday…

Healthy vs. Unhealthy
A Guided Healing Teleseminar

Bring your individual health issue – and we will Align it, during the teleseminar.

Enrollment closes 12 hours before the teleseminar.

What: You will get powerful, instant shifts – for your specific issue.
When: Every first Saturday of the month, 9-10am Pacific Time
Where: Your Telephone, computer or Skype

Oops, you missed this LIVE teleseminar, sorry!

But you can still get the Replay, when you join the
Annual Membership – New Topics Monthly!



  1. Elizabeth Stratton says

    HI Elma, Today’s call 12/6/14, was way beyond all the past calls. I was truly moved to tears when it all just clicked in and there I was in a puddle of Happy Tears. I have done TCM, and other modes, but his is beyond all that. I was right there in it and it was so real and amazing. Thank you for your amazing abilities to bring this to us. Much Love, Elizabeth in NY~



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