Are You Spiritual Enough?

“Am I Spiritual Enough?! Are you kidding me, Elma? What kind of question is that?”

Ready to balance your spirituality? Join us for…

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Next: Saturday May 3 2014 at 9 am Pacific Time (noon Eastern)
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Topic: Whole Spirit Alignment. We will scan your spirit for disconnects, and repair them. Things like…

  • Karma
  • Spirit Attachments
  • So-called “past lives”
  • Spiritual traumas

Are you “too spiritual?” Or “not spiritual enough?” Are you judgemental about your own spirituality? It’s vitally important to balance Spirit, Mind and Body.

What does being spiritual even mean? Is it about the Aura? Chakras? (Nope, not necessarily! Those are energy centers and energy bodies – everyone “has” them, but they don’t make you “spiritual.”) What’s the difference between the realm of spirit and the realm of “energetics”?

Shift your individual issue, related to spirit. What would you like to improve? We will Align it during this teleseminar.


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What: You will get powerful, instant energy shifts – for your issue.
When: Every first Saturday of the month, from 9-10am Pacific Time (noon-1pm Eastern)
Where: Your Telephone, computer or Skype

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May 3: Whole Spirit Alignment
June 7: Upgrade your Habits and Patterns




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