Stop Pain in your Body, Mind and Relationships

Yin Yang symbolFeel the Power of Yin-Yang Balancing

Watch the video, and your energy will shift, instantly.  Use this to stop pain in your body, mind, or whatever puts you out of balance:

  • Transcend your pain – in your body and mind.
  • Bypass your blockages – get un-stuck and move forward.
  • Open up financial flow.
  • Open up communication, cooperation, and truth, in your relationships.

Get Instant Transformation, in this Free Sample Healing Video:

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The Beauty of Yin-Yang Balancing is…

that it can not only “stop pain” – it can handle any challenge or pain that you throw at it! It works on all levels – including:

  • Pain or problems on one side of your body
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Ego imbalance – low self-esteem, over-focus on self
  • Relationships – arguments, power dynamics, giving / receiving
  • Finances – over-spending, under-earning
  • Spiritual – ungounded and etheric vs. difficulty connecting to spirit

Here’s a tiny sampling of what can be balanced in YOUR life:

  • Absorbing nutrients / Eliminating toxins
  • Sleep / Wake issues
  • Hot / Cold sensitivity
  • Male / Female energies
  • Left Brain / Right Brain
  • Quiet mind / Active mind
  • Logic / Intuition
  • Alkaline / Acid
  • Breathing In / Out
  • Work / Life Balance
  • Earning / Spending
  • Logic / Intuition
  • Giving / Receiving
  • Getting what you Want /  Getting what you don’t Want

If you think you’ve tried “everything”

… think again! It’s actually impossible! How can you consciously think of all the stuff that you don’t know?

Fortunately, it doesn’t matter– if you apply Yin-Yang Balancing! This process bypasses the conscious mind, and creates multi-dimensional shifts in the un-knowable!

Yin-Yang balancing goes very deep. It affects everything you know… and everything you don’t know.

That was just a hint of what is possible!

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What did you experience…

… after you did the Instant Energy Shifts above? Please comment below!

Transcript of Video:

Hi, it’s Elma with, and again, please forgive the sunglasses, it’s very bright out here and I don’t want to be squinting at you. The wind may be blowing into the microphone but we’re just going to ignore all that because we are going to do an instant energy shift right now. I would like to guide you through an example of how you can use energetic yin yang balancing to shift an issue of your choice. And this is a little free sample of what we’re going to do in the guided healing session on yin yang balancing. So what I’d like you to do is just chose an issue in your life that you have an extreme position on. Something that you, maybe, really, really want or something that you really, really dread or don’t want to have happen. Something that you are very viscerally attached to like “no, no, no!” It might pain or it might be “I want money, I need money.” Anything like that so I’ll give you a moment to tune in to what that might be.
Now what you’re going to do is shift the energy on it. And you’re not going to shift the energy from the point of view of the person experiencing that want or lack of wanting, you’re going to go to your infinite self. You’re going to step back from the issue or problem, go to your infinite self which is located at the center which is the center of the universe. You’re stepping back from your personality self and your local mind, stepping into the universal mind and you’re going to observe the issue from that vantage point: not from your conscious mind. This happens way beyond the conscious mind because the conscious mind is a tiny, tiny fraction of all of reality. There is so much more going on that we are not aware of than what we are aware of. So you’re going to allow these shifts to happen non-consciously.
Now you’re at infinite self, and you’re going to, from afar, observe the problem that your personality self has or observe the thing you want to shift, and you’re going to do a special command called yin-yang balancing. You’re just going to wave your hand in like a figure eight infinity symbol, at the issue, at that extreme of wanting or not wanting. And then you can take your hand and make an infinity sign, wave your hand at your center. Enter that information to your center. Yin-yang balancing, now. I’m just aligning you to be able to do that whether you think you know what you’re doing or not. Doesn’t matter either way.
So, now, energy is shifting and it doesn’t matter if you are aware of it or not or if you feel the energy shifting in your usual way or not, just allow for information and energy to change. Your issue is now being brought to center from its extremes and center means wholeness and everything. It is now part of this holographic universe at center.
Go back to your personality self and observe your issue again. Notice how it feels. Notice how much it bothers you now. Has that changed at all? And allow for it to shift. One of the definite signs of an energy shift is that you’re mentally less attached to wanting it or not wanting it. You have a little bit more freedom, mentally, to observe it. And that is an entry point into its shifting on a physical level, and on a time and space level also. So that mental shift may be the first step. Allow that to happen, I’m just aligning you right now to allow change. If you were able to notice a shift, you may want to do more of this. We’re going to do a guided healing session where I take you through a lot of specific steps and a lot of specific leaps to shift an issue of your choice towards wholeness rather than an extreme. And we’ll also do a general yin-yang balancing for your body systems, your mind systems, your relationships, your finances, and any other area of life that you want to look at. So, if you want to find out more, there’s a link below that you can click on, or if you’re on youtube, go to the website and click on that link of guided healing sessions. And I look forward to healing and whole-ing with you in the eternal now. This is Elma with signing off.


  1. Elma that was incredible as usual. Your create Self is certainly coming up with some fantastic tools for transformation. That was an instant relief. I LOVE THE FIGURE 8 over the Center/Solar Plexus Chakra area. Brilliant.

    Keep up the good charisma!


  2. I really appreciate the simplicity and efficacy of what you share Elma. Revisited the NOW 101 manual recently and continue to find it really useful. Thank you for all that you share!



  3. Elma I feel what you do is so powerful when I center and enter what you say I feel so empowered and the energy of what I need is flowing through. Thank you for your generosity and you creative spirit. Blessings on you and on each of us day by day

  4. @Karen, check out the FAQ area – and there’s tons of other info all over the website!

  5. Karen Moller says


    I felt a bit of a lessoning of pain across shoulders.Thanks. Can’t afford seminar-can you please email me how this works? I’m very interested-as I’m a Quantum Touch therapist. Thanks,

    Karen Moller

  6. Wow! I keep improving. My breathing is back to normal now.

  7. Thanks Elma,
    My heart and lungs were feeling very heavy. They are much lighter now. I’m looking forward to Saturday morning 🙂

  8. cowabunga, that worked! over-eating, schmover-eating. i can take it or leave it.



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