How to Activate Self-Healing in 2 Seconds or Less

Here's a Brief Explanation of How to Shift Any Situation, very easily and almost instantly, using Now Healing Energetic Alignments.*** To activate an energy shift, simply "Go to your Center." (Start at the base of your spine, then keeping your … [Read more...]

What If My “Problem” Comes Back?

Q: Do you teach ways to not have habits, pain, etc return? i.e. So that I don’t recreate, re-attract, or return to vibrating with the original condition / behavior?  [This is a real question from a client] A: The easiest way to deal with habits … [Read more...]

Video Healing Space

The old "Video Healing Space" has morphed into the new space: Free Alignments The Energetic Testing video has moved! Please click here: How to do Energetic Testing and Finger Muscle Testing   Enter the Now Healing Space Align with … [Read more...]