Stay Whole when Things Change

Scroll down for your Free Alignments, in the video below! Is "Change" a problem for you? Are you concerned about: - Climate change / global warming / political changes - Fearful "End of the World" predictions / "Ascension symptoms" - Stuckness … [Read more...]

Now Healing Earth: Mountain Streams

Heal Mountain Streams - with Energy Healing Follow along with this Guided Healing Video. You will tune in to the energy field of any river of your choice... and do a healing for it, by shifting its energy / information field. In this Guided … [Read more...]

Now Healing Earth: Urban Rivers

Healing Urban Rivers, with Energy Healing... Heal your local river, right now... by following along with the Guided Healing Video below. You will tune in to the energy field of any river of your choice... and do a healing for it, by shifting its … [Read more...]

Now Healing Earth: Gulf Oil Spill 2010

Join us in healing the earth. As you follow along with the energy shifts in these videos, you amplify healing and wholeness for the planet. ____________________________________ Please leave your comments and your healing … [Read more...]

Focus Your Fire

Scroll down for your Free Instant Healing Transformation Harness your Fire Element, to... Activate your Star Power. Generate creativity and passion. Take inspired action, with laser-focused attention. Quench your excess Fire Element, to... … [Read more...]

Upgrade Your Space…

...Beyond Space Clearing and Feng Shui In this 6-minute video, you will: Actually shift the energy of any space you choose - instantly! Get a quick intro to "reading" the energy of a space. Not only "clear" negative energy, but enhance … [Read more...]

Disentangle Your Fears from Your Future

[Make sure to get your Energetic Alignments, at the end of this article.] And... add your Comment, below! Do you resonate with collective fears about the future? Are your own fears being amplified by everyone else's? Do you automatically … [Read more...]

Automatic Healing

Here's some energetic support to enhance your Automatic Healing, and some other random stuff that I tuned into! Instructions: To activate these Alignments, simply "Enter" each statement below, to your Center.* (How? Simply say each command below. … [Read more...]

Take a Survey, Get Free Healing

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