Will Now Healing Work for My Problem?

Q: “Can it work for my... [insert your issue here]?” A: Yes. Now Healing will shift the energy field of any symptom, pain, problem, situation or goal - whether it’s something that’s bothering you, or something you want to improve. Why? Everything … [Read more...]

Disentangle from the Morphic Field of Lyme Disease

Howdy Lymies, Babesia-oids, Ehrlichia-ese, Bartonella-ers, Borreliosen, Mycoplasma-tors, Morgies, HHV-6-ers, etc etc! Apologies for my neglect! I've been meaning to send you Lyme-specific Energy Shifts for months... but I've been focused on the … [Read more...]

Hypersensitivity (for Lyme Disease, Lymies… and Regular Folks too)

Scroll down for your Instant Energy Shifts. Post your comments below – what changes did you notice? All kinds of folks are hypersensitive these days. Not just Lymies. Not just un-diagnosed Lymies. As humanity awakens and evolves - and as our … [Read more...]

What’s Causing My Lyme Symptoms?

Q: What's causing my Lyme symptoms, my pain, my depression, my brain fog? Q: Why is this happening to me? Q: Why did I get Lyme? (or any other disease) Q: When will I ever heal? Q: What did I do to attract this problem? A: Finding the answer … [Read more...]

Lyme Disease – a Brief Introduction

Lyme is mostly a tick-borne disease, but fewer than 50% of Lyme patients recall getting a tick bite. Symptoms include fever, chills, swollen glands in the early stages, and can progress to facial palsy, joint pain, memory loss, mental symptoms, heart … [Read more...]

Energy Healing for Lyme Disease-Lecture/Demo

For Immediate Release: FORMER LYME DISEASE PATIENT-TURNED-HEALER GIVES SELF-HEALING TIPS TO LYME SUFFERERS Mountain View, CA – November 21, 2010 – Elma Mayer, an Energy Healer who had Lyme Disease, will give a demonstration of simple … [Read more...]