What is the “Center”?

Here’s the Most Powerful Tool in Now Healing: Go to your Center! This is a vital self-care skill. It's basic hygiene for your energy field. It affects your entire life. Your health, joy, love, creativity, and productivity. And it's a doorway into … [Read more...]

What’s the Biggest Blockage to Healing?

The Most Common - But Hidden - Blockage to Healing... What is it? Which state / morphic field are you in? Are you NOT healing? Or... are you NOW healing? Tell us about it - please add your Comment below! Ready to Go Deeper? Here are some … [Read more...]

How Do I Heal a Chronic Migraine?

Q: How Do I Heal a Chronic Migraine? I wanted to work w/you in a private session, but can't afford it. I also trained a bit under Dr. Kam Yuen w/the Yuen Method. It’s so easy to correct someone else…I need a little help correcting myself. [This is … [Read more...]

Align with the Flow of Abundance – Free Healing

Get Instant Energy Shifts for Abundance... as you watch. Follow along with this easy, short healing video... to instantly Align your finances and money. Please note: Oops, the video is out of sync with the audio - sorry about that! Here's a … [Read more...]

Don’t Trust Your Intuition

Get your Free Energy Shifts below. Don’t Trust Your Intuition! Yep, you read that right. You can't really trust it. Unless... you have this one essential requirement: Connection to Wholeness. Here's why: “Using your intuition effectively is … [Read more...]

Heal Your Relationship with Your Parents

No matter what your issue is with your parents – whether it's traumatic or seemingly mild  – you can heal it by shifting its energy field. Even if your parents are no longer with you... Whether or not you think it can ever be resolved... Do the … [Read more...]

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Yourself?

What’s your personal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy? [For my non-U.S. readers: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was the official US policy on how to deal with gays and lesbians in the military. It was repealed shortly after this article was written. In this … [Read more...]

Video Healing Space

The old "Video Healing Space" has morphed into the new space: Free Alignments The Energetic Testing video has moved! Please click here: How to do Energetic Testing and Finger Muscle Testing   Enter the Now Healing Space Align with … [Read more...]