How to do Energetic Testing and Finger Muscle Testing

Energetic Testing is like the training wheels for your intuition! Learn to discern the difference between energy that is Connected to Wholeness ("strong")  - OR - Disconnected from Wholeness ("weak") This video accompanies the Now Healing … [Read more...]

Do I Need Intuition, to do Instant Healing?

Q: "Do I need more intuition?" A: Nope! You already have something better: Enhanced Sense Perception ("ESP"). Intuition sounds woo-woo, wishy-washy, even womanly. Of course, it's not... but for many people, those false assumptions still pose as … [Read more...]

Information Overwhelm

Are You Overwhelmed by Useful Information? Overcome It - with Instant Discernment! (Scroll Down, to find out how.) My inbox is crammed with essential updates from people I respect. Health gurus, science-and-spirituality seekers, heart-centered … [Read more...]