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“Here’s the thing about Elma’s work. Just when you think it can’t get anymore effective, she amps up the power and blows your socks off.

I’ve been at this stuff for over 15 years, and have tried just about everything out there.

Elma is far and away the best. And with the new 12X alignments, she has even managed to best herself. I don’t know how on earth she does it, but the Fast Zaps are positively other planetary in their wattage.

It’s like plugging in to a meteor shower”. – C.B.S, New York City, NY

I’ve been so happy and excited with everything I’ve received and experienced with/from Elma’s modality. Truly remarkable. I’ve taken so many classes (all valid at the time) and spent so many thousands of dollars (don’t get my husband started) and pursued healings and the hope of becoming a practitioner, and had given up hope of finding something that would be simple enough and effective enough to practice with confidence. And then I was introduced to Now Healing.

And though I was skeptical (this isn’t’ my first rodeo) everything I’ve experienced has been amazing and the energy shifts are instant and easily detected… later this year I plan on embarking on the Practitioner Course (I’ve already completed the home study course and loved it!!!!) – Lisa Chandler

I just love NOW healing. I have been going through the various YouTube clips and I bought the Detox program which I’m half way through. So far I have also used it on 4 clients, 2 dogs and the shifts sure do happen.

I love that it really is the next generation of healing and we can begin to relax about the lists of pathogens that maybe not being up to date etc. Infinite Potential Self is a Know It All in the nicest possible way. – Tony Mansfield Byron Shire Australia

Among all the modalities, your NOW HEALING is for real. I use it almost every day, with great benefits. Thank you, Elma, you are a real guide into the NEW AGE. [Your videos] facilitate a powerful shift. – Izabel Ganz

[Tools for Transformation Teleseminars] “I experimented with treating allergies / intolerances with Now Healing (I am a NAET practitioner) and with a colleague I successfully treated her for B vitamins in a matter of minutes! She was very impressed!” – S.

[Tools for Transformation Teleseminars] “I listened [to the replay] three times and had a major healing each time; one of them healed my lifelong problem of having a “reversed” sleep schedule where my body insisted on staying up all night and sleeping all day. That got fixed in the healing circle in less than 5 minutes, after decades of being tortured by it and unable to find out what was causing it. Now Healing has changed my life in big ways.” – mps, Portland, Maine

elmatestimonial-justinepeacockNow Healing has completely changed my life. I am so grateful to Elma for this transformative modality and for her accessible, no fuss delivery of incredible results.

I use it on myself, my kids, my work and in a myriad of different ways all the time! If you are looking for a modality that works and is easy and quick to use and enables great results – this is it! Thank you Elma for this incredible work!!
– Justine Peacock, Healer, Australia

elmatestimonial-marielinkedprofileElma and Now Healing are my go-to healing modality. Elma advocates taking matters into your own hands, and through her amazing programs, I have done just that.

I am a stronger and more resiliant person who is able to face a myriad of “life challenges” with grace and gratitude. I have gone from 10 to zero many times over.

I have explored well over two dozen healing modalities in the past decade-plus. The results I get from Now Healing are like all of those condensed into one.” – Marie R. Hong Kong

I’m a trained Energy Healer and have been working with clients for over 20 years. As a curious student of Life, I’ve studied numerous modalities. Each modality in my repertoire is unique and wonderful in its own way.

Now Healing takes the best of these and synergizes them all into a comprehensive and profound healing tool for self healing and working on others.

I love that Now Healing doesn’t require complicated vernacular and nomenclature – its easy to learn, simple and most importantly, deeply effective. I love that Now Healing impacts all facets of our Being and works on all issues (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) because it addresses the root and source of problems and dis-ease.

I love that Now Healing yields very quick results that are far reaching and long lasting. I love that one doesn’t have to understand medical science or know how energy healing works to receive amazing benefits. I love that Now Healing doesn’t set expectations for its use; awesome results are the natural byproduct of Now Healing. I live with one “foot” in the business world and the other in the “healing” world. I love that Now Healing resides elegantly in both worlds, it fits wherever we are and whatever we do. – Cara

Dear Elma, It is with great joy that I found your website. I am a homeopath in Dorrigo, Australia (NSW). A friend came back from the US last week from Matrix Energetics seminar, telling me I should do it. I checked into it, read the two books by Bartlett and decided to look further.Your article on comparisons of healing techniques was brilliant.

Honestly, Google should have that on top of the page for anyone looking into ME, QE (Quantum Entrainment) and QH, and all the rest. I am a dowser, psychometrist and have been practising energetic healing for many years. But there’s always something to add on, to enhance one’s learning. – Georgina Haul D. Hom., B. Mus., AMATMS

Workshops and Courses

elma, what you have done [in Now Healing 101] is an incredible synthesis of some of the leading edge technologies we have to date. the pureness and simplicity is the proof of its direct link to source. overall, the material is some of the best i have come across.

this class really demystifies healing work. its not hokey pokey woo woo stuff. its super grounded energy class. its like DIY for the energy self healing. i really want to thank you elma for distilling this information in such a wonderful flow. – Kai Liu, Sales, CA

This was great and transformational. Evelyne Llorente MD, Fountain Valley CA

It was spectacular. The best experience of the many modalities that I’ve taken. I have never experienced such synergy and balance… Thank you for the best seminar weekend I have ever experienced. Cathryn Hartt, Acting Coach, Dallas TX

Wonderful. Very high quality of knowledge, experience and practice. It was a great weekend, and it has already changed my life in so many wonderful ways. Thanks a million. Dianna Burdick, Massage Therapist, Ventura, CA

This is the best I have learned to date. Anonymous, Camarillo CA

This class was extremely helpful on every level. Patti N., Los Angeles CA

I learned so much! Lou E, Sherman Oaks CA

The best two days I’ve had in a long time. What a treat this was – the people, and the thorough and loving instruction. Elizabeth O’Fallon, Medium, Thousand Oaks CA

I had bleeding and abdominal paih. The gynecologist found an ovary cyst. For three months I tried herbs, birth control pills and some healing sessions. I participated in Elma’s Yuen method 1, 2 and 3 in June. When I went to the hospital for an ultrasound in July, my ovarian cyst was gone!! I believe that it helped me escape an operation. I remember a wonderful time in workshop. Nao, Chicago IL

This class was phenomenal. I am so grateful to come away with powerful techniques. This was my initiation into the quantum age! Everyone should do this not only for themselves but to heal the planet as well. Anonymous, San Diego, CA

I find myself wanting to work with it ALL THE TIME. it is a real blessing to have found something I can begin doing NOW!!!! This is so accessible. I have also noticed evolution in my own life since that weekend and finding that I may have gotten more than I was aware of out of the class. How fun! Anonymous

This was a wonderful class. We were taken through the process step by step with emphasis on everyone getting the techniques. K.G., Retired Teacher, South Pasadena CA

Great class. Felt confident when I left that I can do this work. Judy Calvin, Thousand Oaks, CA

I am fifteen years younger. Diabetes is gone. I have had tremendous gains in prosperity, relations, health. Buck Haegele, Woodland Hills, CA

Hi Elma, ​​It has been going fantastically. I want to let you know how much love and good you are doing and how thankful i am to you; truly helping people find the bridge to something that was long forgotten (or very hazy) in them. I like to think of this as our sacred place now: The connection to all things. Not easy to find when you have been brought up in pragmatic and tough it out Britain. I have been using the mind mood elevator every day. I actually find audio 1 has resonated with me by far the most. I can feel the base to shape my life emerging through the centred feeling i find with audio 1. It has really helped me see that true healing is effortless – massive sigh!! I have been meditating since 2014 and found a lot of insights and forgotten truths but your audios are so powerful in really snapping you as closely as you can be at any moment to your sacred/untouched knowing of the all. Thank you from the universe.  Tom Prudden, England


After just 3 sessions with Elma, a bump the size of an egg in my breast went away. She helped me get rid of the fear of “cancer”. She also helped me move forward in life and clean up collateral issues around relationships. – Mary W.

Thank you for a wonderful healing. I have lived with the pain so long, I was absolutely surprised to feel what it felt like to be without it. I had tried everything and was skeptical to say the least and really didn’t want another ‘new age’ pop healing class. Believe me, I’ve done it all. Anyway, for the first time in a year, my Achilles is near normal. I am extremely grateful. – C.S. Los Angeles CA

Testimonial by Jennifer

Testimonial by Seth Hymes:

I had a pretty serious back injury a few months ago, and saw 3 or 4 doctors because I was in a lot of pain. I am very physically active, and suddenly was not able to move. I saw Elma, and within 2 sessions my pain was dramatically decreased. Elma’s healing technique made me feel better right away. I am quite sure that ultimately it was these sessions with Elma which got me on the healing track with my back – which is now, 2 months later, working perfectly with no pain! Thank you Elma. – Kristin Rey, Los Angeles

Elma’s insight into what is happening with me is astonishing. Her subtle and supportive corrections and comments seem simple and easy and then all of a sudden you realize you’ve changed… – Kelly Hargraves, Los Angeles

After our session I woke up the next morning feeling ‘happy.’ This is an almost unknown phenomenon for me. I almost didn’t recognize the feeling. Enormously better psychologically. It had to be you.- E.M., Solana Beach, CA

I have had Elma as my practitioner for a few years now and I just had to express my appreciation for all her wonderful work. As she works on my issues, my life is changing. Elma worked on my left hand when it was going numb and turning black and blue for no apparent reason. It took a little time to get rid of all the symptoms. Since then I have had no problems with my hand. Elma has worked on my PMS, back issues, my relationship challenges, my daughter’s health, fears and insecurities around being a mom etc….. I feel as though, within an amazingly small amount of time, she has helped me through things that would have taken years to get through or would never have been addressed at all. Thank You so much for all of your care and support over the years. – K.C., Sacramento, CA

Having Elma work on me over the phone was a fascinating and highly effective form of treatment. I had been suffering from a chronic low chest cold and cough, and from her work, within 45 minutes, I felt clearer than I had in three weeks. I was of course immediately sold on this process. Elma is an extremely empathic and sensitive healer in her ability to intuit where the issues are in the body. Her trust in you for wanting to address your maladies helps support this amazing system of healing. – Juliette Kurth, Silver Lake Yoga, Los Angeles, CA

Elma treated me over the phone when I was feeling overwhelmed, physically sick, fatigued and anxious to the point where I could not sleep at night. The effect of her treatment was amazing. Within a matter of minutes, I started to feel centered, relaxed and calm, and yet energized at the same time. I slept very well that night! Also, everything she said made sense to me. She amazed me with her ability to tune into my energy field. Elma is grounded, warm, compassionate and non-judgmental — I felt very safe having her treat me for some deeper, core issues which I would not normally feel comfortable sharing. – Mariko Garfield, Madison, WI

I have received several energetic treatments from Elma Mayer over the past two months. Each of them has been very powerful and each time I feel revitalized, refreshed and invigorated. She is able to get to the heart of what is bothering me with amazing accuracy (even if I am not aware of it myself!) and make the appropriate adjustments quickly and effectively. Thanks to Elma, I feel more confident in myself and my choices in life and more centered. It is a pleasure to have Elma do energetic work on me because she is a warm, caring person, who puts people at ease and makes them feel comfortable immediately. She is a born counselor and healer who will really listen to you, and go out of her way to help you. Therefore I highly recommend Elma to anyone seeking healing. – Andrew Garfield, Madison, WI

I have had several sessions with Elma, both over the phone and in person. I am consistently amazed at how powerful and effective this treatment is. Just recently I had been suffering headaches and sinus pain for almost 5 weeks, and within two sessions the pain was completely gone. I felt like my circulation had improved to such a degree that I had more stamina and clarity immediately. Her approach is down-to-earth and very comforting. There’s never a sense of “hocus pocus” that can sometimes be associated with energy healing, and Elma is great about describing exactly what she is doing. I’d trust her with any ailments or illnesses. – Deb Hiett, Los Angeles, CA

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  1. lesley jessop says

    Hello Elma and Nedi,
    I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. Your work has made such a difference in the way I feel, and I know it is just the beginning. This is such a useful and valuable tool. It’s truly mind boggling how effective it is! I’ve just purchased Healing 101 and am SO looking forward to learning more about
    now healing. I had had great success with your teleseminars in the past, then mistakenly thought I should
    discontinue until I got my finances back in shape. I see now that it was in fact the continuing with Now Healing that was called for to get into alignment, get healthy with my relationships and finances! So here I am again,
    and more impressed and excited with the method than ever.
    Looking forward to the journey with you both,
    Love and wholeness back to you!

  2. Clare Dyck says

    I can write a book but won’t yet! I’m.an embroiderer, healer, creator of loveliness – of wondrous miracles. How did I become this – cleansed so rapidly, so effectively, so gloriously? The Universe gifted me with Elma and Now Healing.

  3. This week Nedi’s audio has helped me emotionally for a family member and I Have noticed changes in her too. Elma gives us such clear and powerful help. She doesn’t promise the sun moon and stars, but. It is amazing the effect of what she does using disentangle , allow and integrate.Thank you Nedi and Elma for being so caring and helpful

  4. Eugenia Parish says

    So subtle——“is something really happening?” and then feeling relief of concerns and then prompted

    me to replay JUNE teleseminar .! Thank you !

  5. Sharon Albright says

    Thank you, Elma! I am so happy with the Mind/Mood elevator!! At the end of the session, I looked at my reflection in my phone and my face was relaxed and had a smile. This was not forced- what I was feeling inside was pouring out. I am starting my day feeling energized and with a “can-do” attitude. Thank you Elma again for the healing.
    Sharon A. Monrovia, CA

  6. Hello again. I read on the sites that you could do distance healing and how to do that. I sent a healing on my grandson and while I was doing this ; I couldn’t stop the tears.When I stopped I cleared myself and did a healing for myself. Is there something I should do before sending healing?? I never put any protection around myself etc. These were not my tears for me.As soon I stopped the tears stopped.Any ideas ??

  7. Thank you for all your healing .I have been using the free sessions and the amount of healing has been incredible.

  8. This is an accolade to Trust in this work brought to us by Elma Mayer.
    My Situation:
    I was assured there was “plenty of money” to see us through our lives. Another 25 years or so?
    It seems that poor judgement has fast filtered into the Abundance situation. Lately I’m a “spendthrift”. (Turns out the large outgoing sums were nothing to do with me!) having been instructed to avoid spending unless absolutely necessary. Ie: groceries etc. when asking “why is this – where are our Investments?” The questions are fielded into the covers!!
    So I ask you, Elma: how will I present this situation to the Field of Life? To the Universal Mind of all Creation?
    You will sense my “beady” emotions responding to this.
    Work as I will at disentangling and coming back to Wholeness, each time the affair returns to mind, my Solar Plexus does flick flacks!

  9. Dearest Elma,
    Just to let you know, I am extremely grateful to have met you online healing, being an energy healer myself so happy with the unlimited information sent by the universe towards my way to continue healing my highest self to be able to help and support others.

    Thank you so much, you are truly an earth angel,

  10. I have been using “I am Now Healing ADD-Autism-Learning…” Nedi’s audio, and I am so grateful for it. It is a very special audio, addressing so many issues of the ADD and other mental health issues, details, which nobody else works with. I remotely sent the healing to my daughter, who I don’t have a direct contact with (since I am traveling). Later on when talking on the phone I noticed she was calmer, at the same time animated in a nice way. She has been treated for bipolar disorder by the orthodox medicine, whcih I so much would like to seperate from. Nedi’s (and Elma’s of course) approach is phenomenal. The energy is soothing, and at the same time uncovering and healing so many deep aspects of the disorder, which I doubt doctors even ponder over.
    I also baught the “Parenting” audio by Nedi. It gave me such a huge satisfaction to know, that other parents have similar problems … : ) Again, the feeling was incredible when I listened to it. It addresses so many ideas, that I would never think about, and yet it feels sooo good to clear them… When listening to this audio I was sending at the same time these clearings to my husband, and our daughter. Next day I got the information from my husband, that he had a wonderful lunch with our daughter, who was sweet, very entertaining, telling colourful, joyful stories which made her dad laughing all the time. This lunch was not a usual one… I am very grateful also because I feel so much better about myslef and stronger, and am using the audio as a guide, and a phenomenal help. Thank you so much Nedi! So much love and gratitude to you!!1 : ) xooxox

  11. I felt a bit peaceful. I had panic attacks for 25 years and anxiety.

  12. My husband and I have been listening this week to the OCB ,overwhelm buster. My husband was struggling one day with the changes he had made on his work computer. I could see his constant frustration and overwhelm .He joined me to listen to OCB and I could see how quickly his countenance and attitude changed .
    He told me later how he made the transition on the system with ease and grace.
    We both feel the shifts ,thinking more clearly making better choices and loving it .
    We are so thankful for this amazing energy that has come to our home and family that is morphing into all areas of our lives.

  13. Berry Bell says

    Blessings, Love, Light, Wholeness to you in return, Elma. With Deep Gratitude, from Berry!

  14. I thought you would appreciate hearing how heal your situation helped my three granddaughters travelling in Europe. One of them was experiencing panic attacks and the other at terror of birds. They sent a message asking for my help – as we call it, a tune up to help them through. they texted to say they started their days with the tuneup which they said saved their trip. Thank you Elma. Helene from Canada

  15. Hilma LaBelle says

    Elma: Thank you I feel much more relaxed and calm. Listened during a mild panic attack and I was able to sit down and centre myself. Blessings.

  16. Theresa Marie Kelly says

    For a healer to offer FREE healings, is a BLESSING for all. May you reap back those blessings 100 fold!!

  17. I so believe in your work Elma. I started with your generous 7 minute tune-ups, did the monthly sessions, and purchased the Heal your Situation. All of them work and then again today just lightening my being with your latest generous offer. I love clearing spaces as well – that is one of my favourites. I will be attempting an experiment with my two grand-daughters who are grade 2and 6 teachers to creating an energy of cooperation in their classrooms. Elma…you rock. Helene from Canada

  18. Alicia Parker says

    i have been feeling discomfort y my belly, so I did it it was 8, after we finished it was 0, in disbelief I will say 2, but Yes! It works! We human beings are so accustom to see that not everything is working, when we actually find something that does work, we are unsure? Why? Perhaps it was easy to fall or fail? I will follow this and would like to feel better and my love ones to feel better and know that the World will be better! So here I go. Thanks to my friend Jan who shared this with me, Love & Blessings. Xxx. <3

  19. its ZERO!… I feel so relieved… THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART….

  20. Deborah K says

    I’ve tried so many healing modalities for migraines and nothing has worked, so I’ve never given a testimonial. I have to say I’m most impressed with Elma’s little 7 minute guided healing mp3 because I’ve gotten the best results from it than anything else I’ve ever tried! It has actually been stopping migraine attacks, of which I am SO grateful. HUGE shifts are happening and who knows, maybe using the healing on every episode will actually heal this “incurable” condition? I will definitely give a progress update! Thank you Elma for this healing blessing you have given us!

  21. Wow, tears. Thanks!

  22. For many many years i had been suffering from sciatica. Went to all sorts of treatment, from chiro,

    accuponcture, massage etc.etc. Last year i found on” You Tube “Elma’s short healing presentation.

    I listsened to it about two or three times and all my pain was gone.At the same time

    I had shingels every pain was gone in a short time.

    Thank you Elma for you generosity.

    Lucie from Canada


  24. I picked something that was annoying and it totally shifted from 8 to 1. Pretty amazing. Its my first encounter with your work which I came to know of by Rudy Hunter whose free monthly healing calls I have been attending/enjoying since a year now. I wish you too would offer monthly or by weekly healing calls. They don’t have to be long. Cab span 10 to 30 minutes. Specially for clearing blocks to abundance and removing the energy of luck. Nothing seems to help mW with that. Bless you and thanQ.

  25. Very Beautiful a Healing I had feeling of Heat and a I would say IAm at Zero With A Smile Thank you Love And Light < 3<3<3

  26. I am pleasantly surprised at the feeling of peace this brought me, and some detachment from the immediacy of the problem. I feel rested. Thank you Elma.

  27. Thanks Elma for your wonderful work. My energy shifted incredibly from a 8 to a 0.
    You are simply TRULY INSPIRED . Blessing! F.Meunier

  28. I purchased a program ” how to Heal your Whole Life Now with Elma Mayer” wich included the ” Healing Helix program. I am blown away with the amazing results. I had a tooth ache, where I already had 2 root canals, and after that I kept having pain and sensitivity, the doctors told me after the root canal they could not find nothing and since I had 2 root canals was lots of work so maybe that is why I was experiencing pain and I would have to live with that or the only solution they could see is take my tooth out. So some days my pain was pretty bad, also I have been waking up sometimes at 5:30 because of pain, so I decided to try the Healing Helix program and in there we can choose a healing you want, so I did my tooth ache, after that healing I have had no pain!!! I only feel it and I have not waking up earlier, I still cannot believe it, it has been three days since and still no pain, even the sensitivity of cold and heat wich I had when drinking or eating is has diminished lots!!! So I am extremely happy with her programs, so much so I boutght Now Healing 101 which I am loving it!
    Also in her program I bought she has a program that is called ” overwhelm crazy-buster” wich also blown away! I am an extremely busy person, and sometimes I get overwhelmed of all the work I need to do, but every time I heard her program with her amazing technique of 12 power alignments I have been feeling total peace from 10 to 0, amazing!!!
    I have done for the last 17 years many modalities and this one is the most powerful modalities I ever experience, so now I am studing the 101 Healing from Elma so that I would love to know how do Now Healing on myself without recordings and to others since it works!!! Thank you Elma for bringing this to the planet wow

  29. I’m pretty amazed. Just tonight my situation was just wrecking my efforts at healing.Totally fed up and disgusted.Listen to this short recording. I went from horrible 10 to a totally it’s ok zero. I don’t care how what or why. I m just grateful and at peace now to get a peaceful night of sleep. Elma you are such a sweet loving kind soul. Never stop being you.You are so needed. May you receive the peace you give to others.

  30. Marrienne de Blois says

    Yes tis me again….I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you Elma for the wonderful and powerful alignment that I received from you at the Heal your Life Whole teleseminar on Saturday……….It put the whole process of what had happened to my family and myself on the 21st December last year as we all prepared to come together for Christmas for the first time for a long time…. However We all became ill in varying and serious degrees; Finances fell apart and accidents happened all in the space of a couple of days. Because of these happenings our planned reunion over Christmas did not take place and we weathered this stormy time by using your principles and we all at various places in NZ could be found madly “aligning to Wholeness” constantly. Although we are all in the process of healing on multiple levels now, it has been your alignment gift to me on Saturday that has really shifted “stuff” in quite a major way – and still is !! I would urge anyone out there to really get involved with your courses etc. as your incredible gifts and talents are focused in such a powerful way throughout your presentations, that there is no reason why we cannot heal – no matter what !! So just wanted to say a heartfelt ” thank you” once again !! Cheers from New Zealand, Marrienne

  31. Marrienne De Blois says

    Wow Elma ! Just finished to my second listening of the replay for ” Heal your Whole Life ” session that you did on Saturday 28th Jan ! I am speechless, excited and so grateful for the incredible alignments that you did for us all! I learned so much also especially re the Flower of Life which I had used before, but this session opened up all sorts of possibilities which are endless….Your process/ gifts are awesome and incredible and I am sure that you are told this many times, but it is so very true. We are totally blessed to have you, Elma and I would encourage anyone, healers and clients both to explore all that you have to offer. Each time I work/ play with a new course from you, I think ” this is it!!” and then the next one blows me away….I am busy passing on techniques to my family and encouraging them to do your courses, especially for the children…. can we imagine a world where we teach our children your processes ?? What an incredible world that would be. Thank you thank you for the blessing and gift that you are Elma…..cheers from New Zealand

  32. Mary Stobel says

    I’ve worked with a friend here in Portland who does this and matrix ..she’s always been good and pulled me out of the fog and was on top of what was wrong inside me. Now that I’m passed all that all things started aligning w/me and I came to your site (to which I was looking for a yuen method site for ever) and your video appeared. It blew my socks off (literally) My friend never was able to hit my lower chakra but you just blew that wide open and my feet vibrated for a very long time. It was exactly what I needed. So now I have both and have signed up with you. I love it! Now my feet are really off the ground w/my healing. I’ve been spreading the word of your site ever since. Thanks so kindly from PDX.

  33. Anna Gelbert says

    Dear Elma, wonderful Action alignment session… thank you so much. I love the process, and will repeat it many times over waiting for the more guidance to come. I picked health issues, which I intend to dissolve fast and forever.
    I use the Healing Now processes for other people, for health problems – with great results. The transformation happens incredibly fast, and this brings me much happiness and satisfaction. Recently it happens quite a lot, since lots of people experience colds, flu – and the process I am using brings fantastic outcomes.
    I have a question though: when my intention is to work with flu problem, it seems I am taking it on myself every time I am doing it for somebody. I try to separate myself from their morphic field, so I wouldn’t merge with their morphic fields, but this doesn’t work. After the session I feel shivers etc, and I have to deal with my own symptoms. Could you please advice how I am supposed to work with the client in a safe way for me? Thank you Elma. Much love and gratitude to you …

  34. I just had the awesome pleasure of listening to you Ms. Mayer on Audio Empowerment. You spoke the listeners through disentanglement now after centering us. My husband on the other side of the USA send me a message not 5 minutes later stating he almost missed his flight. My husband popped into my head. He made that flight because of what you talked us through. WOW! I feel such empowerment at this moment! Spectacular! I can’t wait to do more work on life and I had to just stop to thank you!!!

  35. Fantastic!!! Something just happened that made me so angry I was at 10 and now I am at 1 , I was feeling totally stressed out and super angry now I feel peace and calm! Woooow thank you Amaaaazing!!!!

  36. I did not expect much when I listened to the 7 Minutes Healing. But I connected easily to Elma’s beautiful voice, which touched me deeply. I had pain in the root of my thumb and I concentrated on it. I felt a lot of energy moving and one day later I am still without pain.Thank you Elma!

  37. Laurie Williams says

    I just purchased the Heal Your Situation LITE audio. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your presence in my life. Until a few days ago, I had never heard of you and your work. I’ve been on an intense healing journey for the past four years being lead along a path of self healing that has included learning lots of energy work of one kind or another. I’ve had good results. However, an area of my life seemed resistant to change. I resolved that I would figure this out. A few days later, through some interesting synchronicities, I found your website and then began listening to your videos on YouTube. I certainly believed it would work. My problem was breathing it in to my center. I’ve always had trouble breathing. I hold my breath a lot. Even though it was difficult, I persisted. Then a vision came to me of taking the index finger of my left hand and moving it up the inside of my right from the inside base of the palm to the tips of the fingers. I relistened to your videos doing that every time you said “now.” It took a few days of practice but an amazing thing happened. I began to breathe from the base of my spine all the way up through the crown of my head. A big, deep breath. I could follow it. I could feel it. I felt all tingly inside, light headed. And I realized something else. What I wanted more than resolving the problem was aligning with wholeness. I just want to breathe, to align and allow whatever to unfold. I am so grateful to be at a point where I no longer need to dig up the roots to solve the problems. That method worked but it was labor intensive and painful. It’s nice to simply take a step into the Light. I like the way I feel when I align to wholeness. If that is the only result, then I am certainly satisfied.

  38. Deborah Bonner says

    Awesome!!….i went from a 9 to a 5 with my hormonal issue. I love the simplicity and clarity of the technique, which is how healing should be!…..Keep ip the amazing work Elma!!

  39. Jean Douglas says

    My monkey mind slowed down and it was as if my body wanted to stay where I was without moving. So peaceful!

  40. Your recording: Instant Ease. The first time round my issue was itching neck, itching forehead, solid unhappy confusion. Well, the itching eased to be replaced by the realization that I was in rejection mode for healing an old old old issue of ENMITY. As Elma led the way in Wholeness so a yawn manifested. Sacral activity is now at work and a beautiful white Duck has just, this minute, majestically sailed past – carried by the River’s flow!
    As always and in the Flow of Love – THANKYOU Beautiful ELMA.

  41. Listened to and actively engaged in the “heal your senses” free webinar I used vision as the sense to heal with a before of four also a finish of four, so although I felt different afterwards, I didn’t think it had made much difference, but I was to be proved wrong.
    Next day I engaged in conversation with three different neighbours and called them by their actual names, rather than the normal “Hi, how are you doing?” if I bother speaking to them at all and if I do then I never actually say their name.
    May seem strange to some but it’s a massive change for me.
    So I can now say that the free webinar did make quite a change in me and for that reason I have just purchased the “heal your senses” package and can’t wait to see what further changes that makes in me.

  42. I feel more peaceful and less worried over a very serious situation. I feel settled , more quiet from the body and mind.

  43. I simply want to thank u with all my heart and soul
    Thank u so much

  44. I am so happy with this sample it is so powerful. Elma you are such a blessing. I changed my attitude toward a physical complaint a 100%. I will continue and I have had your past monthly one and hope to jopin again in the near future. Thank you from my heart.

  45. Elma I keep coming back to you and today I have had the most wonderful release thanks to your video clip. Thank you for your generosity in giving us this. I do different healing modalities but today was so powerful and I bless you because I had been feeling very overwhelmed by an issue to do with family. I bout one of your programs some time ago and when things allow I hope to tune in for another. Love to you and all those who are blessed by you. xxx

  46. I am 85. I have been suffering in my back for the last 50 years from sciatic nerve.
    Today i have tried your 7 minutes healing session.
    It worked for half an hour, then the pain came back.
    I did the the session again ,and voilà! the pain is gone.

    Thank you Elma for being so generous

    I am sending this healing session to my daughter right now.

    Lucie from Canada

  47. After participating in the “Healing Helix” seminars, I am happy to say that I understand Sacred Geometry and how to use it to shift energy so much better. My husband and I listened to these together and both of us found using the Healing Helix to be quite effective. I am now often using the “Seed of Life” and the “Flower of Life” as my Now Healing work space. Often as I am thinking of others, I will simply center and place them in my workspace. A friend who does not know I do this for her has indicated that some of her problems have gone away or become greatly improved. Recently my daughter was called in to work without having much sleep. She asked me to send her energy. I did some Now Healing energy work for her, then instructed the Flower of Life to stay with her throughout the day and provide whatever was needed. I received a text from her later in the day indicating she was doing much better and thanking me for whatever I was doing. We have purchased and used many of your tools, Elma, and they are all effective. I appreciate your providing new material that allows us to expand current tools and which also provides new tools to put in our spiritual tool box. Thank you, thank you! There are not words to say how blessed we have been to find you and the Now Healing tools. You make everything so simple, and it is all effective.

  48. It I’d not work. Disappointed….

  49. Elma, hope you don’t mind but I really feel like I know you. I’ve been listening to your 14-minute long Activations (from minute 55) on Darius’ YouWealthRevolution for the last 2 days working on every single issue that’s bugging me. Some were at a 10+ level that came down to a 2 and in 2 cases to zero! From homelessness to harassment to a sudden severe ache on one hand. Mental and physical anguish all gone. Gone! I intend to repeat repeat repeat all weekend on everything that botherd me until Darius pulls the replay.

    What’s interesting is that I had seen your photo the last time you were on with Darius but I wasn’t interested. I still don’t know why I tuned in this time had I had something else to do but now, my dear Elma, I am a huge fan. I feel so damn fantastic, like the forgotten me. I love you Elma Mayer and I most humbly thank you for clearing out the clutter so that I can see my path.

  50. I went from an 8 to a 3 doing this right now, for the first time.
    I coughed , a lot, then yawned , now ~ tears are coming out of my eyes .
    Lots of continual liquid.
    Geez, I’m impressed . I feel lighter . Wow ! Thank you for sharing this ,mi need this and have been in prayer ensuring to shift from an issue , for natural change .
    Thank you .
    I will continue with being guided by your direction and voice and spirit .

  51. With Elma’s free detox and disentangle video I shifted pain in my hip and leg within minutes! I’ve been working on this for a year with different techniques for a year! This is amazing stuff! I am very grateful!

  52. Dear Elma, I’ve had remarkable results in the turn of less than one month. I purchased the “Heal your Situation” program at he beginning of May and applied it on seven situations so far. It seemed they were queuing for being healed. Having to start somewhere I started from my gastrointestinal issues, having felt my internal organs especially large and small intestine and stomach numb since ever (without knowing that because my condition had become my normal state). However, few years ago I started to investigate and after listening to many therapists in programs like Youwealth Revolution and attended the foundations of Eden Energy Medicine, thanks to which I felt more centered and present, I eventually “met” you. The turning point for me was when I was listening to the “clear the mind” audio, where I felt things starting to shift and the “scan your body” audio, thanks to which while you were aligning the spine and the nerves and the organs I could really start feeling my body, like for the first time (I think it has been really the first time since my childhood). So, I am enjoying my new state now and listening to my body with curiosity , as if my life had been given back to me. Many more things have shifted, like this sort of tension that I’ve felt around my body for ages, which is totally gone and much more… Thank you thank you thank you. Lots of love

  53. I have noticed a difference. My problem will last a while but I feel so much more at ease when having to deal with it. Just a process, no longer a full on spinning tornado.
    That alone saved me, I can’t wait to apply this to other things.
    Thank you so much. Sending love and appreciation to you.

  54. Helen Prime says

    Gosh thank you, my buzzing head has gone and I actually fell asleep before you spoke about imagining your problem, however I will go back again and shift it down to zero, thanks again.
    Cheers and blessings to all.
    Helen Prime

  55. felt fear of future go away. more relaxed


  57. my number went from 6 to 12 ????? did i do something wrong ??? that was teh number that came at end of teh excercise

  58. Wow. A friend sent this to me and I focused on the resentment associated with an old relationship and went from an 8 to a 2. That’s a HUGE improvement for me and I appreciate this so much.

  59. I worked on fear of failure and mistakes. I started at 9 and after doing healing session. I am now feeling like its 0. Thank you ! looking forward on how I will feel tomorrow on this issue.

  60. I am living since years a very difficult situation. I came to know Now Healing around 2011 when i also bought the Now Healing Practitioner course. The sessions allways helped me to deal with the situation.
    Then i had a long pause up to i decided to buy the heal your situation Now course, and i enrolled in the Tools of Transformation course. Even if parts of me felt financially irresponsible, 3 days later i recieved unexpected money and the program really helps to move on.
    I am confident that this time the situation will be healed in its highest potential.

    Thank you very much for your work.

  61. meredith blaney says

    nice tone to your voice; for some reason didn’t work for me; I’ll try it again & again! I’m too worried about the upcoming election in Canada! We need a new government as our current one is very right wing; anti everything concerning the environment etc.; so I’m having a hard time emptying this worry out of my mind!!! I will do my best with this later! Thank you & blessed be! xoxoxo

  62. Myrna Pickering says

    Hi Elma,
    I’ve listened to most of your work over the last 8 months or so and have been loving every minute. You continually amaze and stretch me and wanted to say thank you! I’ve found since your last talk from a week ago, I’ve added the word “here” to the command “now” and it has exponentially helped me when bringing in aligned energies. Perhaps I had spread myself a bit thin over the multi-verses, I don’t know, but directing all healing to the “here” seems to bring it faster and more direct results along with the “now”. Thanks for being part of my journey!!

  63. @Cornelia, when you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll get answers to this very question!

  64. Thank you so much for these guided FREE alignments!!! I experience one curiosity though. When you say “go to center” I can do that in my body. But when you say a command and I shoukd do an enter, I see myself opposite of me, doing the enter there. If I try to do an enter like “within my physical body” the midline or center goes up and out of the top of my head in a curve. Am I doing anything wrong?

    Kind regards,

  65. I am so grateful and feel so blessed that I ran across your ad. I tried and it worked immediately. I will and am following your healing tips and will continue to do so! Love and Light

  66. I was in the middle of a very uncomfortable digestive bout of extreme gas & bloating pressure & Pain! I Picked up my cell phone & Elma’s process page was up on my screen, I tried it cause I was at 10!!!
    By the end, the Relief was amazing. My number was down to 2 & re-aligned by her to possibility of ZERO. And as I write, I feel some awareness of my gut, but very different than before. I will be using this track more today! And considet her monthly calls again! TY, Elma!

  67. Clare Dyck says

    Yesterday’s “situation” was: Iain – dotting around. Firing off arrows indiscriminately, confusing us all. Find a life to live in abundance. Makes me very unhappy”.
    A short while after working with Elma – my son Iain, brilliant Flying Instructor based in Spain, called to tell me he’d signed up with a Flight Instruction School he’d worked with before. Terms were now improved so he’d accepted the new contract and could again live with his wife in England. (They’d been separated by work circumstances.)
    Hooray. Thank you Elma for the brilliance and simplicity of this work! From the Western Cape, South Africa

  68. After listening to Elma Mayer and her healing words I felt an inner cleansing and lifting of my burdens and heavy emotions tied to different people and situations. I felt uplifted and cleansed and released. I was over joyed to find this strategy to recovery. Thankyou for the great work you do Elma.

  69. Raquel H. says

    I’ve just “met” Elma’s work yesterday through an interview/webinar with Darius from The Wealth Revolution/Re-new Your Life and I am truly amazed. The quick process that we did during the webinar took my financial worry from an 8 to a 2, and I can see things more clearly now, including new possibilities. I spent the night in a state of grace.

    Today, I woke up with the need to let go the outcomes of a certain relationship, but I was so resistant that I just couldn’t. So, I watched one of Elma’s free videos and I am feeling much better. The resistance was a 12, it came down to a 4, so I watched the video again and it came down to a 2. And I feel, with the passing of the hours, that it is still going down. My jaws, that were tightened, got lose. My stomach, which was completely bloated and painful, started working again, and I can focus on more important matters now. Before, I wasn’t even truly present in the moment.

    I’m truly excited to keep working with Elma’s materials and solve some other issues in my life. Thank you, Elma!

  70. joan barrett-lennard says

    i am changing my direction in healing to now healing this is helping me a in being able to see behind the words or conscious intention

  71. joan barrett-lennard says

    i am amazed at my ability to heal larger issues within healing circle joan barrett-lennard west australia

  72. joan barrett-lennard says

    i am getting positive results from now healing feeling lighter in myself , while listening was able to add healing to healing circle then also add light and happiness thanks elma
    joan australia

  73. Christina Margo says

    I listened to the sample session..got a good nights sleep last night, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!
    Blessings, Christina

  74. Rosemary Espada says

    I have never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD but I knew something was terribly wrong. I purchased Nedi’s Add, Learning disabilities MP3 and used it for the first time. I hadn’t noticed much of a change so I just went to sleep and this morning I noticed I felt more of me present within my body. I didn’t feel so scattered, nor did I feel like my circuits were shorting and I was actually able to focus more. I felt more mature somehow, more certain, not so hyper if you can understand that. If this is the difference I felt after only listening one time I can only imagine what else I’ll be able to feel/do after several tries.
    Woot! Woot!
    Gratitude and blessing for Nedi and Elma
    ~~~~ R.E. in Florida~~~~~~

  75. I am feeling very good shift with Now healing 101 course and ‘ I am now healing’ mp3, sometimes with boost of energy, overall good feeling and sometimes little healing crisis like tiredness, no energy.

  76. Maudie from Australia says

    I like to thank you so much for the free healing you are giving and what a big sift I had went from a 10-3-0 and felt like something big dropping from my inside it was a massive shift to do with procrastination and had that feeling twice.It had been making me quite ill in the past as I new it was stopping me from doing things I so dreamed of doing. Feeling a lot of burping going on as will and the hot ness as will so thats how powerful that was.So Once Again thank you!thank you! I only found your site by accident.I did ask for help and they sent me to you.Than You Universe

  77. The entanglement session was great – thank you. I started at a 9 and went down to a 3. Disentangling from and reintegrating with the universe seemed huge. Also, the pivoting toward a new state was very helpful.

  78. Great first experience with guided healing! In the Entanglement & Psychic Resonance teleseminar the initial measure was 5 and at the final measure it was 0. I felt ease and confidence.The exercise when I pivoted in a different direction this resonated with me in feeling ease and confidence with the issue which is no longer. The methods you teach are clear and instantly felt.
    Thank you Elma.
    Peace love

  79. sonya chagal-smadar says

    On entanglement session:
    This was tailor made for Me.
    A peace and clarity after having let go of a deep
    burden. Just being in the healing space droped my
    number to a 6 when in fact it was an 8-9.
    After the session i felt a 0 for the first time.
    This is something I have been working on
    and highly emotionally charged.
    Thank you Elma!!!

  80. Hello Elma and thank you so much. I am a medical doctor(Anaesthesiologist) practicing Energy Medicine for 20 years. The 7 minute session was really awesome. I felt huge shifts in my Energy System. I cant wait to get the whole course.

  81. I’ve been working with Nedi’s CD and just LOVE the way it makes me feel. I notice deep shifts every time I listen to Nedi’s soothing voice. This work is absolutely miraculous and I love that it’s so easy to do – no special or time consuming training needed. Thank you Nedi for making your CD available to us. You’re a tremendously talented and gifted healer and you’ve earned my complete trust. Namaste, Cara

  82. I listened to Nedi´s ADD, Autism healing and was amazed at the clarity I received. I actaully felt more in my body and more able to deal with my present situation. I was diagnosed as a child with ADD and took ritalin pills for many years . This recording has somehow brought more peace with that part of me which I had actually forgotten about. This recording is also so much more. I recommend it for everybody really.

  83. This is so amazing that I’m still in disbelief that it really works. I tried a free sample about a month ago and have been amazed at the results that happened almost immediately and continue to happen. I just tried another free sample and can’t wait to see what happens in the next 24 hours.

  84. Thanks for your healings, Elma. I listened to several “short” healings and I was feeling sort of depressed and in a blue funk and recovered my optimism. Incidentally, When I learned that you had been trained in the Yuen Method I decided to listen to you at the call with Your Life Without Limits, and was impressed. I then proceeded to look you up at you tube, and once again, I was impressed. Then I visited your web page, signed up for the wonderful short healing session and felt absolutely great afterwards. I first got to learn about the Yuen Method thanks to a call with Colette Stefan with Darius at the youwealthrevolution, and later another call with Manifest Everything Now. I found both talks fascinating and so was yours. Your style is different from Colette’s and I confess that with you I experienced a switch in my state of mind which was awesome. I had lost a book and had been having a negative day, but your healing gave me back my optimism. I will be writing to you once again, as I am definitely interested in pursuing my studies in this fascinating area. Thanks once more. Oriel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  85. Ahora paso mejores noches y me levanto de buen ánimo desde que escucho los Instant Meditatiion/Activation Audios y los problemas en que me enfoco durante la noche o la mañana se resuelven positivamente.

    Además, he practicado con los videos que Elma tiene en Youtube acerca de Relaciones y sobre el mejoramiento del espacio físico en que uno vive, también con resultados positivos.

    Recomiendo experimentar y profundizar en este método, es una ganancia.

    Santiago de Chile

  86. I LOVED the Joy Upgrade!!! [Guided Healing Session.] It made me feel joyous within a few minutes! One of the most important reminders Elma shared in this session was that joy is a FREQUENCY and we can simply TUNE IN to it rather than try to MAKE IT HAPPEN. How easy is that??? I was smiling throughout the entire session and this morning when I “needed” to feel joyful I remembered I could just dial in and voila! There it was and that’s how I felt. It doesn’t matter whether you are already a healer or a healer wannabe or want healing for yourself – Elma can get you there so that you can get yourself there – now!

  87. I accidentally(?) found NowHealing while I was looking for QiGong exercise videos on YouTube. My hands were on fire, sore, tight, knuckles hurt…very uncomfortable…So I tried the 3min video and Liked what I felt. Signed up and got the 8min video and used it on my hands and got relief instantly! I was up all night using it on different body parts. I may transcend! or at least be able to dance again. I like it cause I have been availing myself of the Yuen Method and I like how this is a blend of that and Elma’s Download. I liked it so much, I became an affiliate today. Look out world, you are going to transform!!!
    Thank you very much!

  88. C. Hirsch says

    Immediately after listening to the free audio (with no expectations of results) I came out of a depression that was really starting to interfere with my life. I prefer not to take medications like anti-depressants, but I was close to seeking help because I could not pull myself out of it.

    I was looking similar methods, but after reading and experiencing what you’ve developed, I bought the Now Healing 101 course and a few days later I am using it effectively and feeling great. Thank you!

  89. Elma thank you I had an arm pain for weeks and it woke me at night. I felt a strong movement and slept well for the first time last night. Thank you for brining it in such a clear and easy to do way. Blessings on you. xxxMargi

  90. Kate McManus says

    [Audio Products – Instant Meditation] Ive been using the instant meditation morning mix )almost!) every morning for a month now on whatever issue is needing transformation on the day and Ive found that it always changes, sometimes disappearing forever! but in a natural and easy way. Ive also found that I can really experience the grounding and connection to infinite self more strongly each time I do it . Thanks Kate

  91. Thanks Elma, The Healing was instantaneous, I feel a warm glow inside me.Confident and wholesome.
    I know now how to go to my centre whenever I am worried, and disentangle. and align with my higher self.
    Love You Loads. x

  92. Gaylene Popovski says

    Elma, so far I have listened to the Disentangle Fear audio for circle members twice – I intend to listen another good few times. How awesome is it to be able to disentangle disabling fears and not one but hundreds and thousands if not more fears that I may know or not know about and don’t even need to. Both times I listened I could feel more than the chosen fear delete – and everyone elses input allowed for more. Today I was making the bed and a fear came up and before I could even give it much attention or even hold onto the effect of it the audio kicked in and I heard “and just disentangle that one too” – much to my amazement and relief that automation to delete fears was happening even if I wasn’t quite 100% aware of noticing the fear. Thank you so much – this is making easy of something that caused so much restriction. Kindest regards, Gaylene

  93. Wonderful.Thank you!

  94. Bought this ADD/Autism/Learning‏ Audio because of fatigue, stress and sleeping disorder. I was intrigued by the testimonials. I am very happy I did so. I feel I can ‘handle’ things much better now. Things are as challenging as before but I can recuperate much faster and feel much clearer in my head and have more staying power.In fact an additional turnover: it seems I have more energy and I want to go outside more and have some exercise..I find this audio very pleasant to frequently listen to and align and disentangle with Nedi’s voice. Thank you!

    And Elma & Nedi: please consider to bring out more audio’s for specific theme’s like: money issues, relationship issues, intimacy, anger, depression, addictions etc.


  95. I went from a 7 to a 5 to a 3… in for another round on these pesky hot flashes to get myself down to a 0. Will let you know how it goes as far as healing or removing them from my experience.

  96. I have suffered from plantar fasciitis and severe leg cramps for nearly 4 years following an elevator accident at work. When I did the 7-minute session, I hurt less, and will use it whenever the pain flares up.

  97. This is AMAZING! My deep depression over an incident with my daughter just left, after the short audio
    healing session. I feel normal, clear and now know ANYTHING is possible, where, I just wanted to die 7 minutes earlier.


  98. Kate McManus says

    Hi Elma
    I cant believe that its not yet a month since I joined the inner circle! I joined at the right time as I was facing a very difficult decision on my pet cat Hamish of 14 years. I was able to let him go and he passed over very quickly and peacefully last friday. I wont say the transition for me has been easy as I am copletely on my own now, but each time I listen to the healing seminars, I am able to enter the now healing space and can move through or the grief that much easier. I know that I would not have had the clarity around this decision without access to this healing space. I also notice that Im not as “pushy” and absolute about the achievement of my goals or removal of longstanding obstacles and just enjoy being in the space irrespective of the outcome and that is a big shift for me
    Thank you so much
    Love Kate
    PS can I request a monthly session on creativity?

  99. Amazing,instant shift.Thank you so much Elma. Lots of love.

  100. Hi again, today on my way to work I listened to 2 of your clearings and this time I almost immediate found relief from my fatigue….! And still feel this…WOW…thank you Elma for making this possible!
    I self tested de SUD before (8) and after (0)…so I thought I let you know. Cannot wait to go home and experience some more relief on other issues…:-))

  101. even though I wished it were different: I didnt notice anything during or after the healing audio and videos. I’m sorry to say so. I’ll try again and let you know if something changes. .. I find the subject (energy healing) you’re involved with very inspiring and like your site and all the information you offer!! L.

  102. Kate McManus says

    Wow! this detox is the first guided healing session Ive listened to and quite frankly I feel reborn! You made me aware of areas of my body and life that I was previously ignoring. When you read out my question- just the reading of it- caused a huge shift for me and I knew and felt that healing had occurred and it (the issue I have been obsessively focussed on for years!) would never be the same again.

    My cat who ihas early onset dementia was sitting next to me and I could tell he was also experiencing the healing. I have been into healing of all kinds for the past 14 years and have never experienced anything as graceful, simple, powerful and easy as this.

    Thank You Elma for now healing and in particular thank you for your integrity, I’ve come accross lots of slippery types in this area in the past so I really appreciate your honesty.

    Cheers Kate

  103. Claudia Allon says

    I had an amazing session with Sharon. She identified the sources of concern and helped release a good deal of emotional pain. Her explanations along the heaing path were informative and allowed me to understand the process and the reasons for events in my life.


  104. G’day elma.. I am a new comer to your work , tho I hav been on a mission to find a modality that was affordable, easy to grasp and most of all WoRkS.. Thank you for the simplest technic that I can do myself..
    Looking forward to many more shifts .. Blessings upon you ..x

  105. Grateful thanks! I did try your amazing method and though my problem did not completely vanish ,the wonder treatment,I must admit , was effective enough to lessen my problem.More than the healing I was terribly impressed by the simplicity of the method! I do wish that the novel method be spread far and wide , rapidly and quickly,to make this world disease and pain free at almost no cost. May God bless you and your team an adorable success.

  106. Thank You Elma, the healing was wonderful & instantaneous. I LOVE U & I AM U

  107. INDU HANSLAS says

    i had pain in my left arm n chest after uy healing session i m feeling better my number goes to 6 i think so thx a lot .now i maybe sleep well.
    thx again.

  108. Bonnie David says

    Hi Elma,

    I stumbled upon your website and decided to give it a try. I focused on car troubles that i am having. I drive an Echo Toyota 2001 and am on disability income due to health challenges. I am expected to change the front brake pads, close to $200. Not being able to earn and pay my debts for three years was frustrating enough and with car troubles I felt annoyed and was obsessing about it very much. Doing your session just made me calm for now. I guess I could say that i am forced to remain detached and look at the big picture. Everything is as is because everything is as it should be. Blessings.

  109. awesome! letting go so simple and at its best. Our minds are at times so cluttered esp with the problem areas of life. I signed up and pressed the PLAY button and in the next 5 minutes I could feel beautiful energy shift. simplicity at its best. You are truly are a blessing.

  110. This seems very similar to EmoTrance..which didn’t work for me.
    I did give it a good try…did it twice…
    Can’t say it really did anything different for me, and I didn’t ‘feel’ the transformational shifts shown in your comments section.
    I realize that it doesn’t work for everyone, and just like people, everyone is different. I am a healing/teaching master is many other healing systems, and yours didn’t do anything for me–which is what happened with EmoTrance, too..

  111. @Rocio – it was so great to meet you too last week! Thanks for the beautiful healings that you do for the planet, and the beautiful person you are! Love and wholeness,

  112. Hello Elma, It was an Honor to meet you in person 🙂
    You are in Amazing healer, the minue I got in the called and you star speacking I was already feeling shifts
    and Yes I feel my number went from a 7 to 0.
    I love it thank you and Im so thankful you are in my life.

  113. Dear Elma,
    I feel so privileged that you walked me through the doors of a new world…I’m flying above tree tops, through rainbows now. And forgivingly…
    You remind me of the snow flake, glittery ‘Esmerelda’ , the Good Witch, from The Wizard of Oz.
    Thank you! Jules in DC

  114. This has just blown me away! I have never experienced such incredibly fast healing. Thank you is not enough. I will definitely be signing up for your monthly healing sessions.



  115. [Audio Healing Session] I was at a 4-6 about my issue of fear. In 7 or less minutes I am down to a 1. Really when i think of that issue…its gone!!! Down to a big fat zero! Elma you’re the best! i love how you teach~

  116. [Audio Healing Session] I felt immediate shifting and I am grateful for these changes, thank you!

  117. BlackRockCity Bob says

    [Audio Healing Session] Great Gadzooks! Thanks elma. This is profound.

  118. Leea Gray says

    [Audio Healing Session] The next morning after the Audio Healing, the anxiety I asked to have removed was gone. Amazing! I had had this anixiety of unknown reason for years. Something has given my life back, thank you so much.

  119. i attended a seminar in mountain view, ca. a few weeks back. [i had] this VERY LOUD sound coming from my bones. pops, ticks, grinding… alarming noises indicating structural failure, not to mention embarrasing. i am a late stage lymie so i am used to weird things happening to my body.

    elma worked on this issue for maybe two minutes…. that was 2 weeks ago, and i almost forgot the incident until my dr. asked me if i had any changes since the work. my bones have quieted… 90%, or so. yes, still a few sounds, but nothing like it was before she worked on me. pretty amazing i must say.

  120. I purchased the download for healing your problem body part. I used it for 3 weeks quite regularly. I had a sudden large mole pop up on my nose. I really thought it was a wart and treated it with some of the natural rememdies while using the download. I went to the Dermatologist and he thought it was “something” so he took it off and sent in the biopsy. It was benign! I loved that the download said put Dr.’s opinions in the Now healing center, so I put his and my friend’s opinions who were “quite worried”. I was at peace I think because I had done the healing so much, and who knows the energy may have changed a problem into “no problem”. I like to think so. Thank you so much.

  121. Richard Rosa says

    I don’t have a serious but difficult to live health problem.More informations are comming in to ease with the physical aspect since I listen to the CD.I am a french speaking person who can better read english than listen.I will be very happy to follow the on line Now Healing 101 for I will better understand the material. I bought the Yuen method but witout the seminar it is of no use for me now.

  122. glenice mojel says

    You are REALLY, AND TRULY helping me! Love,and best wishes, Glenice M.



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