Transcend Your Problem, Align w/ Your Goal

An Introduction to Elma Mayer and Now Healing

Choose one issue or problem – Elma will guide you to transform it on the energetic level, in the Now Healing Energy Field.

35 minute Audio. Recorded circa 2009

[This audio is temporarily unavailable]

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  1. I have been ill flu, allergies, stuffy and runny nose for 5 days. I absolutely felt the shift and it felt like a cool breeze blowing on my neck. This feels wonderful and I feel blessed to have found your site. I was getting desperate and typed in healing now.

  2. Molly Melloan says

    Sudden big crack in my neck, aligning my spine with the correction to align with healing. Cool!

  3. I felt am immediate relaxing feeling in my gut; like I’ve been twisting it in knots all the time; then suddenly it started to relax as you talked.
    I do wish to be not only part of the inner circle; but I believe I am meant to also teach this. So as soon as I have the money I will be pestering you not only for help, but for the tools to help others.

  4. Md Chappelle says

    I really did feel a shift. this is just wonderful. Thank you so much. want to learn more !!!!

  5. Francine Triebe says

    What a delightful experience!

  6. Verda Berkers says

    Absolutely felt a shift. Love it! Thank you and Blessings.



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