Want Better Answers? Ask Better Questions!

What kinds of questions do you engage in, regarding “Healing” possibilities?

If you have ever found yourself grumbling a question like:
“Why do I feel crappy?”
“Why am I broke?”
“What did I do to attract this relationship / job / life situation?”
“Why me? Why is this happening?”…

… then you’ve probably noticed that you did not get a very helpful answer. (“Helpful” in terms of creating transformation or improvement.) I know this from personal experience, believe me!

The questions you ask determine the kinds of answers you get. That’s true in life, and it’s true in “healing.” So ask better questions!

Many healing modalities focus on asking the right questions. Matrix Energetics reminds us to ask “open-ended” questions, which is beautiful, because that allows, well, y’know, allowingAccess Consciousness asks “How does it get any better than this?” which practically dares the universe to answer you with amazing results.

Well, I’m incredibly excited to tell you…

There’s a question we use in Now Healing that no other modality seem to be asking. (If you’ve been attending the teleseminars, you’ve heard me ask this question often!) 

This question creates huge transformation. And it’s so simple and obvious, once you know what it is! People are loving the results it creates!

Learn the Most Powerful Question that I have yet discovered… to get the best healing results.*

Get the Tools for Transformation Teleseminars Audio Library – advanced tools for healers and practitioners.

*If you’re a contrarian or independent-minded maverick who does not want to know what I’ve discovered, don’t worry about missing anything. You can discover your own best question,  simply by asking “What’s the best question to ask?” (How’s that for a recursive loop?) But I invite you to benefit from my discovery too! 

Here’s to you asking the best questions… and receiving the best answers!



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