What do you need to heal most?

I’m sensing that you might need to heal or improve something today – so here’s a healing for you. 

A healing for… what? Whatever you need to heal most! Right now. Today.

It will take you 30 seconds. 

Tune In: What do you Need To Heal?

Before you begin the healing: Tune in to ONE thing that you want or need to improve or heal right now.

Do the 30-second Healing:

1. Breathe from your vertical Center (which includes your nose, windpipe, lungs, heart field, gut, pelvic floor and much more). [10 seconds]

2. Say this command out loud, or silently to yourself. [5 seconds]

Align that thing I want to heal with Wholeness… Now.

3. Breathe from your Center as you look at the Center of this image [15 seconds]

Notice what has already shifted

Tune in again, to that one thing. What has already started to heal and shift?

Please Comment Below!

What was your thing? (If you don’t want to share the details of your thing, that’s fine. Just tell us the general topic area.)

And what shifted for you?

Want More Healing – for Whatever Else you Need to Heal?

There’s tons of healing available for you all over this website!

Browse around, with the intention of finding exactly what you need.

Important! Please help yourself!

Don’t wait for me to remind you to self-heal! 

  • If your self-healing and self-improvement is a low priority…
  • If you’re not doing at least a little bit of self-healing almost every day… 
  • If you are waiting for someone else to do it for you, or until the time is right, or until circumstances improve…

… then you’re saying “No” to your innate healing ability.

And you’re saying “No” to my zillions of offers to help support your self-healing, with easy, accessible healings that anyone can do.

Why not Say YES to Healing?!?

Browse this website and you’ll find something to inspire & heal you!

For example, try the many free samples of healing on the Shop page.
Or browse the FAQ about healing.


Love and Wholeness,

PS – Please Comment Below!


  1. Thank you so much
    I have felt a significant difference in the shifting of what I want to heal such as my girlfriend’s anger and it gives me so much pleasure and trying this method out and it is amazingly simple and less cumbersome and I to practice Yuen method I have never taken a class but after reading his books and his latest delete on the spot stress and pain and after doing this I have fell a significant difference. Thank you so much Elma

  2. Allowing myself to acknowledge and integrate all the many beautiful changes I have made this year.

  3. Clare Dyck says

    Elma dear Person. Thankyou!. My heels are being wrecked by chemo … This is the subject of my healing intention .. The burning is reducing!

  4. Helped with relieving pain

  5. Vijayakumar says

    Thank you Dear Elma
    Wanted to heal my allergic asthma from wall dusts.
    Feel considerably reduced and fine

  6. Healing my educational skilla in mathematic

  7. Wow. Was feeling heavy in field due to some horrifying information and was going to clear myself and then just happened to see this. Did it. Wow again. Feel so much lighter in my energy field and now even feel like laughing. Thank you so much. Talk about the right place at the right time! (one of my affirmations also(.
    hug hug hug

  8. Healing my relationship with food.

  9. Seems like the root of all my self confidence issues stem from financial issues. Dropping the sub categories and working on that.

  10. Thank you. Healing Finances. Felt light headed after the process

  11. Claudia Caselli says

    Thankyou…timely. I feel more centered after.

  12. Thank you

    Not sure what I need healing with right now today. but loved reading your email and checking this out.
    I do release stuff as it comes up.



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