What’s the Difference between the “Center” and the Yuen Method “Midline”?

Q: Are the Midline and the Center interchangeable? In Chinese Energetics/Yuen Method you have the mid-line principle, directly in the center of the body. In Now Healing, you use the spine as the centering method. Can both be used interchangebly with both systems? [This is a real question from a client]


A: The two are a little bit different… but yes, you can kind-of use the Yuen Method Midline and the Now Healing Center interchangeably, once you get familiar with shifting energy and you want to work fast.

Here’s the difference between the two: although the NH Center is accessed in a similar “place” on the body as the Midline, it actually continues the midline into other dimensions and energy bodies. Going to your Center automatically puts you into a healing “space” and aligns you with neutrality, so you’re ready to work. And most importantly, it consciously and non-consciously aligns you with Infinite Self, so you’re not working from your personality self.

Dr. Kam Yuen would probably say you don’t need to bother will all that! But I find it very useful and effective, because going to the Center gives you neutrality, multi-dimensionality, Wholeness and the “correction”… all at the same time. It doesn’t take any extra time, except for maybe the first few times while you’re learning it.

Please note that the Spine is not the same thing as the Center in Now Healing.  The Center is both physical and non-physical, and is about a lot more than the spine, although it does include the physical spine and spinal nerves. As taught in Now Healing 101 , the Center also include the energy meridians, “chakras” and energy centers, as well as the “Center of the Universe” and the universal mind.

How to go to your Center – click below:




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