What’s Your Problem?

Got a problem? Here’s my advice. Don’t think about it. Don’t talk about it. Don’t analyze it, meditate on it, or throw money at it. In fact, don’t focus on your problem at all. This isn’t suppression or denial. It’s an acknowledgement that what you focus on will expand.

The problem itself is not the problem. But how you perceive your situation, how you react to it, how much it bothers you, and how much it weakens your energy field – these are the factors that determine the resolution and outcome.

The real issue is the underlying energy of the problem. This energy pattern is hardly ever conscious, or logical. There are two main ingredients to dissolving a problem:

  1. Working with it on the energetic level rather than the physical or mental levels, and
  2. Getting neutral and non-attached to it. Let go of how much it bothers you.

Detach from the problem by taking an imaginary step back. Observe the situation, and your reaction to it, as separate entities. This helps dissipate and disentangle the energy.

Noisy neighbors: don’t call the police, get neutral. Financial fiasco: don’t panic, get neutral. Pink slip, scary diagnosis, spouse cheating, teen drinking: same advice. Get neutral. Go to your Center and connect with your Highest Self to shift the energy.

What’s your problem? What’s bugging you, or upsetting you, or worrying you the most right now? Tune in to it. Now step back from it, and observe it from a bit of a distance.

This way of stepping back is not just a cute-but-useless game of visualization. As you work with changing your vision, perception, image or symbol of the problem, you are actually working directly with the energetic patterns and morphic fields of your problem. Change the energy, and the problem will change.

What’s your problem now? Tune in again. Has anything shifted? Does it still feel exactly the same, or is it somehow different? If you notice a change, it’s not your imagination – you have actually shifted the energy of the problem.

By Elma Mayer. Originally published in the Los Feliz Ledger.
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  1. Rosi Iduñate says

    At Just several hours of know, NOW HEALING..protocolos….miracles..!!! at my life..Thanks a lot, Elma this is Marvelous…love you all..!! Rosi

  2. Al Cambrola says

    Hi Elma, loved this article and totally resonated with it.


    Karen Tax says on 26/Jan/10
    Elma, I love this article! I wish those people who tell you the only way to solve a problems is to do more would read this. The power of addressing a problem at an energetic level is HUGE! Thank you!



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