Why Heal your WHOLE Life?

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What’s the most essential thing you need, to heal your life?

Some people say “heal your thoughts first, to heal your WHOLE life.”
Or “think positive.” Or “be neutral and non-attached.” Or “forgive.” Or “find the root cause of your problems.”

Others say detox your toxins.”
Or “eat right.” Or “sleep 8 hours.” Or “adjust your spine.” Or “decalcify your pineal gland.”

Still others would have you be more spiritual.”
Or “forgive.” Or “meditate.” Or “pray.” Or “get your Chi flowing”. Or “balance your chakras.” Or “clear negative energy.”

I say yes to all of the above. But… that’s a lot of work!

There’s an easier way: Don’t heal the parts… heal the WHOLE.

Rather than “specializing” and drilling down (and we’ve certainly done enough of that)…
Zoom out to the big picture.

It’s much faster and easier than working on each “problem” separately.
Instead, simply “Align with Wholeness… now.” 

But how? Keep reading…

Why do you need to Heal your WHOLE life… not just the “problem” areas?

Because what you think is a “problem” is not usually the real disconnect! Chasing down “problems” is usually a misdirection, diverting our attention from the true disconnects. We are almost always unaware of the things that truly distort us.

That’s why the first step in any Now Healing Alignment is to get Centered. This Aligns you with your Infinite Self – instantly – so that you are not operating from your local self, but from your highest self.

Try it Now! Do This Free Healing Alignment:

(This Alignment is in written form, it’s not a video or audio this time. Follow the simple instructions! Don’t worry about “getting it right” – whatever you do will work!)

  • Tune In: How do you feel right now? What would you like to shift, in your life? (Take no more than 15 seconds to do this!) Ok, get ready to shift it now.)
  • Come from your Center, and say these commands:
    Align my WHOLE Life with Wholeness… now.”
    Align all parts of my life with Wholeness… now.”
  • Breathe into your Centerand say:
    Allow the shifts… now.”
    Breathe out from your Center, and say:
    “Activate the shifts… now.”

Ahhh, feel that change? You have taken a major step towards Wholeness. And know that more stuff will keep shifting! (Do this Alignment as often as you like. Different things will shift each time.)

What did you experience? Please comment below!

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  1. lesley jessop says

    Hi Elma, I am clearly more centred and calm. Thank you.

  2. Elma Mayer says

    Sharrhan, yes, this is totally compatible with NH. I sense all of this as basically the same. Your description of the “nothing” or “pure awareness” is another way to describe what I call “Center” (calibrating to zero) and “Aligning with Wholeness” (which you describe as registering a simple intention and simply resting in the field).
    Thanks for this!
    Love and Wholeness,

  3. I love your approach, Elma. It’s different from other spiritual systems I’ve encountered, and I really love it. And I’m still working with how to incorporate/integrate it into my own understanding of consciousness.
    One thing I’m struggling with — no, struggling is the wrong word….. let’s say ‘experimenting’ with, instead! … is that I’ve pretty much accepted the concept that the most powerful and ‘real’ transformation occurs at a level of consciousness that doesn’t involve language banks or surface mind. (If you check out the teachings of Frank J. Kinslow’s ‘Quantum Entrainment’ you’ll get the gist of what I’m talking about, although he’s just one of several spiritual teachers whose ideas have influenced me.) He and others talk about going below the level of ‘thoughts’ (superficial mind), deeper than the level of ‘vibrations’ and ‘energy,’ (subconscious) all the way below the Zero Point to the place in consciousness he calls “Pure Awareness,’ (and it’s not a laborious process that takes herculean effort or years of practice, etc.) – the NOTHING from which everything springs. And from there, resting in that inner space of the Larger Mind, you simply register your simple intention or simply rest in the Field of harmony and perfection, or engage in a very simple but effective healing technique.
    Are these concepts compatible, or am I trying to mix apples and oranges? I’m not trying to be contrary at all. I’m really trying to find common ground or enlarge my understanding in some way, so I can integrate them.
    Thanks for any Light you can shed on my confusion. 🙂

  4. Denise Mahon says

    Tk u Elma ,I feel more positive now and a lovely warm feeling ,Namaste 🌹

  5. This alignment gives me a warm and soft peaceful feeling. Thank you!

  6. The charge on my topic(rated at ‘9’ out of 10)- dissolved down to zero after doing this Alignment. Such a relief! Many thanks.

  7. Geri McTernan says

    TU ELMA.




  8. Thanks Elma,
    Was feeling concerned about starting up a business and coming up with all sorts of reasons why it wasn’t a good idea . . . this was helpful in re-centering me.

  9. Hi Elma, just before doing it, I felt a bit anxious, disconnected and s’atteler, looking for the “vilain” to be get rid of ! In a few seconds, feel expanded, less polarised and nervous. What a difference. Thanks a lot.



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