Why we Love Alignment – Free Healing to Feel Good Now

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This blogue was written on 10/10 – inspired by numbers being Aligned!

We love Alignment!

  • Numbers matching up. 
  • Eclipses and planetary alignments. (Even scoffing skeptics love eclipses, right?) 
  • Instruments in such perfect tune that they form a new unified single sound.
  • Singing the fundamental frequency of a cathedral or bathroom shower, so your voice swells to vibrate the entire space.
  • The basketball swishing into the hoop perfectly.
  • Sexual union. 

Why does it give us pleasure when everything fits together and clicks into place? 

Why do we love Alignment so much? 

Because good resonance feels good… on all levels!

And because Alignment loves us back. It wants to Align us!

Try it now…

Free Healing to Feel Good Now

Let’s tune you up!

Here’s how to feel the pleasure in your own Alignment. 

  • Feel your vertical Center. Visually, it’s not a straight line. But energetically, it is a unified field. 
  • Feel the field, running up and down your Center.
  • Sense the tube of energy that connects your root and crown, heart and mind, gut and knowing.
  • Command it all to click into Alignment… Now. Don’t worry about how. Just say the command and feel it click into your Center

All of me Aligns with Center… Now.

  • Breathe into that Alignment, and breathe out to expanding Awareness… Now.
  • Feel the yummy pleasure of that Alignment happening… Now! (If your mind is questioning “But wait. How? Why? What if?” then firmly tell it to shut up and Align… Now!) Allow it to feel sooooo goooood! 

Monkey mind chattering? “But hold on a minute, wait, it doesn’t feel perfect yet, see the problem is…”
NO. STOP. SHUT UP and ALIGN… NOW! Breathe!

It’s OK to be brusque & firm with your chattering mind. After all, it’s constantly interrupting you, right? So don’t take any guff from it! And by the way, I actually don’t like the term “monkey mind” because it’s an insult to our cousins the monkeys! Let’s call it primate mind and admit it happens to us humans when our minds are out of Alignment!

Again: All of me Aligns with Center… Now.

Allow Alignment In. 
Expand Awareness Out.

Aaaaahhhh! You have just re-tuned yourself. Clicked yourself into Alignment

You can do this anytime. You can click into Alignment, in the presence of any crap or chaos! 

The big secret: 

Sometimes it won’t feel 100% perfect. And that’s fine!

Buh-buh-but wait! How can it be Alignment if it’s not perfect? 

That’s the beauty of this! Even a little bit of movement toward Alignment will get you in the groove of more and more Alignment. Because Alignment wants you to Align with it – and it knows that you have to start somewhere!

So don’t look for perfection. Look for the “click” instead. The click shows you that you’re in the right place.

Keep tuning in, tuning up, and allowing more clicks of Alignment.

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And comment below – describe how Alignment feels to you in this moment. Your experience will help others to Align! Thank you!!!

Love and Wholeness,

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  1. Hi Elma, I loved this tool.
    Immediately felt the shift in energy,
    I loved it so much I did it 3 times in a row…
    All that in a matter of seconds !

  2. First of all, I want to thank you Elma for the personal message! When I read it, I felt instant spark of hope. It felt good already!!!! Secondly, I appreciate how you described the way to command my mind and body to click into alignment, and be firm:). It all makes sense to me. Thank you and God bless you!

  3. Thank you Elma! Being empathic and highly sensitive with everything that is going on right now, this alignment to center helped tremendously!

  4. L Rita Dixon says

    Thank you Elma for the reminder. I am working through NH 101 and have just finished chapter 3 on the Enter Command. I think that is the same as the Align command. If not I will find out in chapter 4. I am connecting with wholeness…it feel a little fuller, denser, tinglely, brighter…only a slight shift in awareness.

  5. Eugenia Parish says

    Thanks Elma—for your generosity ! HOPE SUPPORT feeling good when all hell brakes loose—–

    possible ? YES !! with aligbments LOve and blessings,

  6. As always – thank you for this. Question – can you use this tool to align with money? or love? or happiness?

  7. Feel so much stronger and expanded when doing this alignment with you!
    Thank you Elma



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