You are Now Healing… Fires, Floods, Falling Buildings & Bombs!

Let’s do a huge healing… for YOU & the planet. (Scroll down to the purple text.)

It will take about 20 seconds. (And then maybe another minute, if you want to read about what the healing will actually do.)

What it’s for: 

  • fires, floods, falling buildings or bombs, fleeing or freezing in fear…
  • storms, earthquakes, natural disasters, man-made nuclear-weapon-saber-rattling, actual war…
  • and YOUR VERY EXISTENCE on this planet –– right now!

This is really the crux of everything that is currently happening… to you, for you, and to the planet.

(Even if you think “well, Elma, what’s happening to me is much more localized!” — it’s actually not. It’s global. And beyond.)

So… heal yourself with me, now, as you heal the planet!

Here’s The Healing!Picture: YeOldePeriodicTable

Instructions: as you read these two commands, bring the word “now” into your Center. (Or “enter” it into the Center of the earth – like you would click on an “enter” button.)

  • Disentangle and Reintegrate Earth with Life-on-Earth… now.
  • Disentangle and Reintegrate Life-on-Earth with the elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, “Ether”, and the periodic table of the elements… now!)

These two simple commands are creating enormous healing… now. 

Yes, shifts are happening… now!!!

Allow those shifts to happen inside you. 
To your loved ones. 
To all of life on earth.

And to ripple out in all directions and dimensions… now.

So… What exactly is shifting (into ever-increasing Wholeness), as a result of the healing that you just did?

  • Hurricanes, tornados, storms
  • Water – the health of the oceans, rivers, lakes, aquifers, humidity…
  • Air…
  • Earth… earthquakes, soil quality, resources…
  • Fire…
  • Nuclear weak and strong forces…
  • Matter, Mind, and Spirit …
  • Collective consciousness…
  • And the inter-relationships of earth, fire, water, etc – like storm-surges of ocean onto land, etc.

I could go on and on!

ALL of that is… Now Healing.

You have just created miracles. (Even if they are beyond our local awareness.)

Thank you for taking a moment to heal yourself and the planet. For healing fires, floods, earthquakes, wars, etc…

Love and Wholeness,
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  1. Barbara M Perez says

    I love being a part of this. Thank you.

  2. Connie Kelly says

    Dear Elma, Thank you so much for this wonderful healing and the time spent in learning that has gone in to it.
    It is a wonderful gift to give onto the world and the beauty of your soothing and calming voice is an added value.
    Many Thanks,

  3. Elma, I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am to have found your healing website, with your wonderful insights in the form of articles and videos. The minute I heard your voice speaking in one of your videos, I knew you had something very profound to offer the world.
    That you do it in such a loving and down to earth manner is such a blessing in these trying times.

  4. Thank you for this and all you do.

    Love and Light

  5. Great. Wonderful. Let´s all join in and do this more often, and for different “issues”.
    I´ll be doing this particular one for 7 days in a row. Starting today.

  6. Elizabeth Stratton says

    Good Day, Elma,
    Very timely…I really do not feel the healings but I pray that they are working well. I ave been watching he horrific Storm Irma as it hits Florida, where my son and his wife live on the Gulf Coast in Palmetto, FL, part of Bradenton, FL. Thank you for your time and may this serve the intentions well.

  7. Dear Elma,

    Thanks for all good you have been teaching me… I am learning and I appreciate your e-mail messages!

    With Love, Gratitude and Wholeness to you and all!

    Berry xxx

  8. Dear Elma,
    Thanks for all good you have been teaching me… I am learning and I appreciate your e-mail messages!
    Berry xxx

  9. Kate McManus says

    Wow! I entered the commands to the centre of the earth and felt a tremendous shudder of release and relief both in the earth and myself. This is what’s desperately needed now, not just practical help or social and political work, in fact I can see that this is the most important thing to do during these times.
    Thanks Elma

  10. Diane Mitchell says

    Thank you x

  11. Beautiful, thank you elma

  12. Roderick Ewing says

    Simply beautiful – thank you Elma for this brilliant healing direction. Love, Rod



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