Automatic Healing

Here’s some energetic support to enhance your Automatic Healing, and some other random stuff that I tuned into!

Instructions: To activate these Alignments, simply “Enter” each statement below, to your Center.* (How? Simply say each command below. Then Enter that command to your Center – just notice your vertical center, and quickly move your awareness from the base of the spine, straight up and out the top of your head, as you say each command. It takes about 1 second to do each command.)

  • Enter the Now Healing Space… now.
  • Align with Infinite Self… now.
  • Align with Automatic Healing – on all levels… now.
  • Align with improvement… now.
  • Align with infinite possibility… now.
  • Align with clarity… now.
  • Disentangle from turbulent global thoughtforms… now.
  • Disentangle from fear… now.
  • Align with centeredness… now.
  • Align with a dynamic balance of clear, linear thinking and inspired leaps of thought… now.
  • Align with a dynamic balance of clear, active thinking and quiet mind, as appropriate… now.
  • Align with love… now.
  • Align with peace… now.
  • Align with joy… now.
  • Align with beauty… now.
  • Align with health… now.
  • Align with feeling good… now.
  • Align with The Thing That Heals… now.
  • Align with wholeness… now.
  • I am now healing
  • I am now whole

You have just shifted your energy…
And turbo-charged your Automatic Healing!
Observe how things are different now…

What did you experience? Please Comment Below!


* For more info on how to do “Enter” (aka Energetic Alignment), read this article on How to Activate Self-Healing in 2 Seconds or Less



  1. Elma Mayer says

    @Matthew, if your experiences of “automatic healing” are unpleasant, you can re-negotiate them! I recommend the following, if this resonates with you:

    Disentangle your will from the will of the entities that you sense, and Disentangle from the entities altogether.
    – If any beings working with you are not fully integrated with Wholeness, but are more about separation/disconnection, do not work with them.
    – Come from your Center, and command that your automatic healings be Aligned with Wholeness
    – Create a list of conditions that must be met. For instance, your safety, health, comfort/no pain/no extreme reactions, etc.

    Love and Wholeness,

  2. I started automatic healing about 6 months ago after meditating with a large smokey Quartz crystal with a white cap and phenacite plate on side. I began automatic Writing about then as well and have met many entities and seen their forms in drawings, all have eyes nose and mouth with infinity symbol on third eye, some days I get disturbed or disturbing looks and gestures but if I’m talking to holy beings then I could understand why they’re mad at me because I can be a little devilish sometimes, I think we all can.
    The automatic healing became much more intense than I could ever have imagined, while deep in meditation my back straightens my hands are pushed back and palms up and I start rocking and either counterclockwise or clockwise motion and then my head gets either pushed down towards my chest or back and then slowly my body route rocks and rotates very very slowly and gently my head rotates in on either counterclockwise or clockwise motion and I have severe scoliosis in my neck and back and I can feel it it I can feel the muscles contracting something I can feel the energy pulling on my crown and rotating my head and back it’s painful but it’s painful in a way that is good for my neck, and rotates very very slowly and gently my head rotates in on either counterclockwise or clockwise motion and I have severe scoliosis in my neck and back and I can feel it if I can feel the muscles contracting something I can feel the energy pulling on my crown Jaw goes slack and sometimes I start drooling and this rocking is very calm and soothing and also I’ve been have my abdomen contracts all the time like I’ll just be sitting here in my abdomen is fully contracted and I’m not even doing it . Thanks for listening. And when I do yoga positions extreme force pushes me to my limit it’s not just working against gravity is working against the forces of the universe or with the forces of the universe I should say

  3. im after the automatic healing property

  4. Elma,

    I love the way that you make everything so easy. I use Now Healing everyday. I feel better and it is opening new opportunities in my life, I also send Now Healing to my family and friends for distance healing. I always love getting emails from you.

    your friend

  5. Elizabeth Stratton says

    Hi Elma,
    I love YOU. Your work is truly amazing and I truly look forward to each monthly call. I, also would love to have you as a wonderful friend. Someone who is very trustworthy. We could gab and have a great time.
    Thanks for BEING YOU~
    Blessings, Eliabeth~

  6. Working with Elma:

    Hearing Elmas voice makes me smile!

    Speaking in her neutral-positive manner, makes me feel Uplifted.

    I like her sense of Humour.

    She radiates Clarity and Simplicity.

    Elma is a hughe storehouse of information, like an ancient Whale – yet very practical and down to earth.

    Witty & Sovereign Being!

    VERY Prompt and Effective.

    I wish I had a BF (Best Friend) like her! !

    The One you could
    – passionately playing Instruments and singing with, raving for hours whenever we got Together.

    -Elma you Rock!

    Lots of Love,


  7. Dear Elma,
    I have always connected and learned and released thought s and positions I no longer aligned with. When I have encorporated your work and processes… Interesting this time. My back has had a different vibration.. Almost like a. Buzzing between my shoulder blades for. Some I went thru you process.. It’s seemed to. Narrow to a specific area on my back .. Became intense vibrationally for a brief moment and then. Disappeared… Amazing .. Gone.. Nothing .. I notice a stronger form as I sit her.. You are amazing.. Thank You..

  8. Perfect timing. Have returned from visiting with friends (about 80kms away) & the environment was full of distress & trauma & emergency stresses. I applied NowHealing quietly in amongst the event & could see the shift into calm & relief. So, arriving home now late evening this email with energetic support is wonderful for me & I’ll rest easy tonight. Much appreciated.

  9. I feel better, my sadness lifted, brain fog lifted off. Thank you. I’ll see where I go today.

  10. Sunday Oliver says

    Hi Elma,

    I definitely came out of this in a more cheerful mood than I went in. Also, the health issues I’m dealing with involve brain fog: there was less of that after doing this process, too.

    Thanks, Elma!


  11. DEAR ELMA,


  12. larry burns says

    I feel lighter, more positive, ready to meet whatever is next and amazed at how powerful and easy it is to shift. Thank you.

  13. Simply Beautiful! Thank You!

  14. What a great way to talk with Self!

  15. Thanks Elma,
    What a great way to start the day!! Nothing quite like a morning energy shift to begin a new day. I am going to do this often – especially the ‘feeling good’ alignment.
    Have a wonderful energetic shifting day yourself!



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