Your Miraculous Healing Power

to Heal Anything – in Seven Steps

Free Gift – See the Seven-Step Process Below

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What is this Seven-Step Process? It’s fast and easy proof that you already have miraculous healing power!

The process may seem like wishful thinking, but that’s not what it is at all.

It is neither “thinking” nor “wishing”. It is actual Connection to Healing.

How do you make this Connection really work? You simply decide that it is happening. Even if it feels like an irrational decision!

Because irrational decisions function just as well as rational ones, right? We’ve all made plenty of them – like “I’m going to strike up a conversation with this stranger in line because I like their shoes” – and then voilà, the connection is real!

So just jump in! Do the process. Strike up a conversation with your Miraculous Healing Power!

Free Gift: The Seven-Step Process

First, try out this process right now – just give it a whirl! It’ll take a minute or two.

Then, you may want to print it out, and put it up on your desk, mirror or fridge – so you can do this healing often, on anything and everything.

Click to Download, Print, or See a Larger Version of the process below. (First, right-click and save the image to your computer.)

Your Miraculous Healing Power - 7 Steps - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

You did that. I didn’t really do anything except give you a pathway with seven steps for fast instant shifts. You’re the one that actually took those seven steps!

Please use this often – on anything!

And stay tuned to Now Healing… because lots more healing is coming down the pipeline for you!